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The Law of Political Parties will avoid the use of state funds

SD. The legislative proposal for the Law of Political Parties delivered yesterday by the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) to the National Congress establishes that any type of direct or indirect financing by the state, its dependencies, autonomous or decentralized agencies, or the city governments or from public national companies or of foreign or mixed capital, will be in a legal.

This is laid out in paragraph I of article 50 of the legislative initiative received by the Block of Deputies of the PLD from the hands of a commission from the PLD leadership headed by the former Vice President, Rafael Alburquerque and the Secretary-General of the PLD, Reinaldo Pared Perez.

The article cited establishes that without prejudice to what is established in the electoral legislation now in force, the income of the parties and political groups will be limited to the public financing and the other income provided for in this legal proposal.

“The parties and political groups and their leaders, rank and file or related persons are prohibited from receiving, in order to pay for their political activity, donations or presents from any of the powers of the state or from the city governments, directly or under any judicial mechanism, as well as directly or indirectly benefiting from the resources and media that belong to the state,” indicates paragraph II of article 50.

Among other things illegal contributions are considered to be all donations or contributions that they receive from any individual person, contributions from foreign governments or institutions, with the exception of the contributions of academic character, properly documented and approved by the maximum authority.

In addition the proposal establishes sanctions for the parties and political groups which violate this Law, in case it is approved, which go from fines of 50 to 100 minimum salaries, from six months to a year of correctional prison, the loss of public financing for six months or the removal of a candidate.

The primaries would be carried out on the dates set by each party within their campaign, which would begin a year before the elections and end seven months before these elections.

The JCE will monitor these processes and each party will decide if it wants to request the electoral agency to take charge of the organization of its primaries. In this case, the JCE will use part of the state funds that the parties receive in order to pay for this internal nomination process.

The electoral rolls that will be used in the primaries will be determined by the parties.

On watch

Alburquerque said that the Political Committee will maintain permanent contact with the PLD deputies so that this Law will be approved. He said that next week they will deliver this legislative proposal to the parties that make up the Progressive Block.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Abel Martinez, said that this proposal will strengthen the study of this project.

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