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The increasing gains of politicians over the working class

In today’s Diario Libre, Monday 28 July 2014 editor Ines Aizpun writes about her frustration in the face of what she describes as the increasing gains of politicians over the working class.

“Citizens protest about the legislators’ slush funds; they talk about internal battles between Leonelistas and Danilistas for government posts.

Citizens complain about the slumification of the cities; they organize entertainment in the parks so this is not noticed.

We tighten our belts; they take on debt without restraint.

They talk about public revenues as if they had no owners; we see how it slips out of our pockets.

We have to deal with unemployment, they control the labor market, continue to pad the payroll and distribute it.

They speak profusely about entrepreneurship; we try it and quit because of the obstacles.

Politicians have invaded all the aspects of daily living, without citizens feeling that this control responds to a plan that can benefit society.

Citizens see politics as a source of jobs because the political class has organized a state that is growing by the day, and that is more invasive and more controlling.

We are faced with a political class that is sustainably getting rich without scruples. We are working so that the PLD can dispute power, so that the PRD can continue on its trip to nowhere and the PRSC and the FNP can treasure their quotas.

Juridical security or institutions, indispensable bases for possible development, are not advancing. There is not more democracy, more freedom, or more justice than 18 years ago when the PLD first became the government.

A future where citizens are subject to the political class is being organized. Exactly the opposite of what should be.”

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

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