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The Government should go from words to deeds

SD.¬†After two years of his administration, the Government of President Danilo Medina “should go from the image of what it has projected to the deeds,” according to the president of the Association of Merchants and Industrialists of Santiago (ACIS), Sandy Filpo.

Filpo said that in order for transparency to exist it is necessary to sign both the fiscal pact as well as the electric pact – the discussion on the latter was convened last Tuesday by a presidential decree – and he said that these “are two problems that we as sectors have been talking about for years to the different governments.”

The president of the ACIS said that the government and the private sector should have talks in order to establish what is wanted with regard to “tax material,” as well as what to do in order to solve in the future the electricity problem so that it translates into welfare of the customers of the service, but also is favorable to the operational costs of the country’s businesses.

Merchants in Santiago call for regulations for the sale of packs in the Market in Pueblo Nuevo

Filpo: Asian stores might bring in contraband merchandise

SANTO DOMINGO. The Association of Merchants and Industrialists of Santiago (ACIS) asked for the establishment of regulations for the sale of packs of clothes coming from Haiti to the Market of Pueblo in order to place this type of business at the same level as the formal local businesses.

“This is an industry that is being formed. And this business in the country has to, and one way or the other, have regulations established they can to be put on the same level as the other companies,” indicated Sandy Filpo, the President of the ACI S.

Filpo assured reporters that this market is coming together because the frontier authorities have been “irresponsible,” as they allowed the crossing of Haitian merchants and their merchandise in the dawn hours of Thursdays, because these persons will return to their country at the end of the sales.

The businessman said that the restraints that are in place at the frontier either don’t work or those who on watch act, “in combination” with the merchants that come from Haiti.

The ACIS President noted that this market of packs of clothing functions “to the detriment of our companies and our commerce,” because they sell “brand-name” clothing at a third of the price that is offered in the formal stores of the city, and because the money obtained does not stay in Santiago but rather it goes to the neighboring country.

Sandy Filpo insisted because of the existence of this market most companies that pay taxes are motivated to go into “contraband.”

“This is a situation that has to be dealt with, and if the situation is not dealt with now, when we still have time, I don’t know how many jobs we are going to lose,” he said.

Asiatic stores

With respect to the increase of Asiatic stores – in general Chinese – in the Historic Center of Santiago after the closure of some local merchants, Sandy Filpo said that the low prices that they offer to shoppers can only be explained by contraband.

“There is no way that they can give those prices that they are giving, unless it is through an avoidance of the Dominican custom system,” he emphasized.

The ACI S president said they have reported the situation both to the Director General of Internal Taxes as well as to Customs, but their claims have not been heard.

Given the sale of packs of clothing in Pueblo Nuevo and the increase of Asiatic stores with products at low prices, the businessman indicated that it is difficult for the formal merchants of Santiago to compete. Just on the central street of Santiago, El Sol Street, there are 37 new stores belonging to Asiatic proprietors.

A salary increase corresponds to June 2015

The president of the Association of Merchants and Industrialists of Santiago (ACI S), Sandy Filpo, said that the increase of the minimum wage should be dealt with in June 2015, because the labor legislation established that this discussion should be carried out every two years, in spite of the fact that the union sector is insisting that they agreed to carry out the adjustments each year.

“This year is now ending; the increase belongs to June of the coming year. Then, if there is a regulation that has been established and that is contemplated in the law and that is functioning well, why upset this custom which has already been established?”

The National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep) as well as the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago, have issued statements previously against the discussion of salary increases this year.

Sandy Filpo said that he felt that the tripartite dialogue is the “natural scenario” for the government, the union sector and the business community to discuss aspects relating to Social Security and the Labor Code. “We have to discuss Social Security; we have to discuss the Labor Code… And I think that this is the natural scenario for these issues to be discussed.”

The sale of the Tabacalera should be considered internally

The ACIS president, Sandy Filpo, indicated that the decision to sell or not the shares held by the state in the company known as La Tabacalera is something which should be discussed, and this should be done inside the company itself.

He recalled that the Tabacalera was acquired, during the process of privatization of the companies belonging to Corde, in the majority for a private sector that has managed to maintain an important operation, reorganized, and in accordance to what a private business should be. “And we understand that the State has received benefits,” he suggested.

“Now in terms of whether there is a decision or if the state sells or does not sell has already taken, I think this is something that should be weighed and will be weighed inside the company itself that will give the final determination, because the the company is mostly in private hands, among which there are sectors of Santiago and sectors…foreign investors,” he pointed out.

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