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The DR-Haiti talks got off to a good start

SD. After saying that the talks between Haiti and the Dominican Republic got off to a good start, social entities in the country and representatives of the diplomatic corps urge that answers be provided to the bilateral problems through an understanding on the immigration and commercial plane.

With criteria and positions different on the issue: the former ambassador Flavio Dario Espinal, the Jesuit priest Mario Serrano, the coordinator of the Movement, the Deputy Pelegrin Castillo, as well as the ambassadors of the United States, James Walter Brewster and of Venezuela, Alberto Efrain Castellar Padilla.

“The talks between the Dominican Republic and Haiti have had a good beginning. It must be understood, however, that this is just the starting point on a complex process in which they have to cover important problems and challenges,” Espinal pointed out.

In his judgment, it is important for the Dominican Republic to achieve the recognition by the Haitian authorities and by the witnesses to the talks of its sovereign powers with regard to nationality and immigration.

“Ahead of the next meeting, the Dominican authorities should continue preparing their positions well, preparing themselves with discipline for the negotiations and efficiently handling the communications,” he said.

For Father Serrano, the dialogue is always a fundamental instrument for seeking solutions to the issues that occupy us.

“We hope that what was announced here goes from words to deeds. This would imply following up, plans and programs that would be implemented. We would hope that this goes from a simple announcement to a reality,” he noted.

He suggested that they try, outside the bi-national issues, to discuss all of the issues related to the sentence 168-13 which sets out the criteria for Dominican nationality.

The position of the priest is endorsed by Belique, who says that the talks should be taken to practice and not remain just in the aspects of diplomacy and bureaucracy.

“We favor this dialogue which has been reopened, since we feel that it is fundamentally important that two countries that share problems and social issues so much in common, can sit down at the table in search of solutions,” he emphasized. He also considered that the case of the sentence by the Constitutional Tribunal should be dealt with separately and away from the current talks.

In the meantime, Deputy Castillo made it clear that the real achievement of the country’s foreign policy will be reached when Haiti admits it inexcusable obligation to recognize and document its citizens and their descendants, as any responsible state should do.

“This controversy would not exist if Haiti does not suffer from the limitations and dysfunctions that everyone knows about. This is the root of all of these problems and therefore, the real solution goes through guaranteeing the stability and the reconstruction of the national bases of the Haitian state,” he pointed out.

US backs efforts

In the meantime, the United States ambassador in the country, James Walter Brewster, expressed his satisfaction because the talks had restarted between the Dominican and Haitian governments.

“We are here to back the efforts of the Dominican government and those of President Danilo Medina. As such we are very enthusiastic with this new development and we hope to know how everything turns out,” he said when he was questioned by reporters on this issue.

A value for frank talks

And the Venezuelan ambassador, Alberto Efrain Castellar Padilla, praised the renewed dialogue between the Dominican Republic and Haiti last Tuesday, and he stressed that a frank, cordial and respectful attitude was much in evidence.

He recalled that a delegation from his country, headed by the Deputy Chancellor, Veronica Guerrero, took part in order to observe the dialogue process. “There was a good climate. The talks I think are the road to finding a solution to any controversy that exists between two people such as the Dominican people and the Haitians,” he urged.

In this sense he expressed that Venezuela continues to be encouraged that this process of rapprochement and that all of the situations that present themselves are solved through talks.

He believes that 2014 should be the year of unity between Latin America and the Caribbean and so “there will be no force in the world capable of achieving divisions and distancing between the peoples.”

Explanation for delay in declaration

The Minister for the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, said yesterday that last Tuesday there was a delay in the presentation of the joint declaration by the Dominican and Haitian governments because both parties has to be in agreement to the last dot and T were crossed and perfect in French and Spanish.

He was in agreement with the Haitian ambassador in the country, Fritz Cineas, who said that there was a problem of interpretations that had to be corrected in order that there was not a different connotation to what was agreed upon. He stressed that the translators should know the “genius of a language.”

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