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The Chief of Police says crime has become aggressive and without respect

The Chief of the National Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, said yesterday that criminals have become aggressive and that they have no regard or respect for the human condition of the people with no importance given to their age.

Castro Castillo said that he felt that the criminal does not have a defined pattern for committing his criminal acts except that first he locates the victim, and on occasions he selects an opportunity to commit the deed and the risks that could present themselves.

“If the victims are ladies, children, or elderly, this facilitates the commission of these criminal acts, and on this occasion regrettably two or three elderly persons have fallen into the hands of criminals,” he said.

Nevertheless, Castro Castillo said that this is a coincidence, “but not because there exists a set pattern for attacking the elderly.”

He orders an investigation

The Chief of Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, ordered a supplementary investigation to establish the truth of the whereabouts of young Randy Vizcaino Gonzalez, who disappeared some months ago after being arrested by police agents and taken to the station house at Los Frailes. From there, according to two witnesses, he escaped. In a like manner, Major General Castro Castillo revealed that he is coordinating with police authorities in Haiti regarding the location of Vizcaino Gonzalez in that country, since several person say that they have seen him in the frontier community of Jimani.

The Police chief reiterated that his office will not permit under any circumstance in this case or any other case, that police agents make disproportionate use of force.

The new commissioners to establish the truth regarding the whereabouts of Vizcaino Gonzalez are the generals Cesar Sena Rojas and Pablo Arturo Pujols, the directors of Criminal Investigations (Dicrim) and Criminal Intelligence (Dintel).

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