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The CAASD says that water levels are now critical

SD. The director general of the Santo Domingo Water and Sewer Corporation (CAASD) yesterday called the low levels of the water at Valdesia and the Haina, Isa-Mana and Duey rivers “critical and highly worrisome.” These low levels have caused a reduction of some 70 million gallons a day of water and that more than 30 sectors have not received water in recent days.

Alejandro MOntas said that the “big problem” facing the CAASD at a time when the CAASD rarely faces these events, is that the Valdesia reservoir has gone down to “alarming levels”, reducing its flow by 13.42 cubic meters a second. As a result, the aqueduct of the same name has produced 295.24 million gallons less that it did in a similar two week period last year.

“The big worry for the CAASD is that the reservoir behind the Valdesia Dam keeps going lower. This Thursday it had nearly 300 million gallons less and the Valdesia aqueduct has gone down 50% in its production; the flow is critical. The situation is very worrisome,” Montas pointed out. He said that they are taking measures so that the population of Greater Santo Domingo receives water from an expanded flotilla of tank trucks since the re-channeling of water will be difficult because of the low production of Valdesia where these switches take place.

Since the beginning of the week, 29 tank trucks are offering free water to the municipalities of East, North and West Santo Domingo, and in more than 15 sectors of the National District that have been the most affected.

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  1. Samson

    Most Islands do their best to conserve water. If we are receiving less water via rainfall, we need to create a cult of preservation.

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