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The Attorney General puts jails on permanent alert

SD. The Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Dominguez Brito, said that the escape plan with both inside and outside actions which left a total of six dead and nine wounded in Najayo was well-planned, which has brought about the reinforcement of security, and that he has declared all the jails of the country to be placed on permanent alert.

“It was a group of very dangerous hired killers, criminals with long criminal records, therefore all of this is very delicate and serious,” the official said. He revealed that the persons who allegedly headed the organization of the action inside the prison was Andy Mariñez Alcantara and his second-in-command Jesus Felipe Narciso, alias Atahualpa. “They were the two masterminds,” Domingo Brito stated.

Nevertheless, he made it clear that they are trying to establish who was in back of them, and the persons who gave them support.

“Who was the owner of the M -16 which was fired?”, The Attorney General asked, in order to open another question, “Who were those four persons that were shooting from outside?”. He stressed that there is a synchronization regarding the hour of the occurrence of these events.

“We are looking for what they were, there is preliminary information but this is subject to confirmation,” he reported.

Dominguez Brito said that the persons that shot from outside the jail received a lot of return fire and logic indicates that there should be somebody wounded of those that were in the vehicle. He indicated that those who tried to escape died in the attempt.

He narrated how the inmates managed to smuggle in a weapon with which they took down the deputy director of security of the prison; they forced the personnel to open the door that divides the jail from the lobby, for where they went towards the cover that was being provided with that M-16.

He added that at this moment they took as a hostage the director of the CCR – Najayo, before wounding the two deputy directors who died.

Dominguez Brito said that immediately the other agents shot at Mariñez, who was killed.

“Then the other guards, also with M-16s, shot the second person who had a gun, Atahualpa, and then the others who were trying to escape.”

He said that the penitentiary service is currently full of grief at the present time.

“This is a very critical situation, we have never lived through a situation such as this, so serious, although in other cases someone died by an accident, but like this, never.”

He said that they are investigating the plan of an alleged gang of hired killers that intended to get out of jail.

Likewise, they are looking into how the incident occurred, what were the weaknesses and errors. Also, they are trying to establish who is behind all of this action.

Chief of PN speaks

The chief of the National Police (PN), Manuel Castro Castillo, said that groups that serve organized crime tried to assault the Najayo prison in order to free convicted hired-killers.

He said that he was in favor that some legislation should be modified in order to stiffen the penalties for hired killers.

He assured reporters that they are stepping up the investigations regarding this case.

The controls in the jails

Dominguez Brito said that they have doubled all the controls at the national level in the jails of the new and the old model. He said they are submitting Najayo to the new model. He said he was in agreement with the fact that they have to adopt greater security levels in Najayo, such as raising the walls and adopting other measures of reinforcement.

Source: DiarioLibre

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