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Telephone companies promote the option of verifying cell phones on the web

SD. For some time the principle telephone companies have offered the service of verifying cell phone lines for pre-paid phones on their webpages. This is an option that began to be used massively yesterday after the call by the authorities to the people in this sense given that the deadline for this is 12 June.

On the websites of Claro, Viva, Orange and Tricom there are options available whereby with the entry of the ‘cedula’ number, a person can confirm the identity of prepaid phone lines, or discover whether or not there exists phones that have been activated without the users knowledge.

Claro confirmed to Diario Libre last night that since the announcement of Resolution 039-13 from the Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel), that ordered the verification of phone owners, they began to work in this process.

They described that the option on their webpage has been available for a month, and that they have sent text messages to the cell phones of their clients during the last two weeks in order to inform them regarding this process. They also said that since May they have been responding to these requests for verification in the stores and over the telephone.

Yesterday Indotel published on its website the links for the telephone companies in order to access this verification, as well as the contact numbers for Client Services. They reiterated that the non-identified lines will be deactivated after 12 June.

In addition, yesterday afternoon Indotel issued a communiqué in which it called upon the users of pre-paid phones to check their information.

In the document they say that “since last Monday there is a radio and television campaign to orient the users of pre-paid telephones regarding the need to validate their personal information.

On Tuesday the Chief of Police, Major General Manuel Castro Castillo, said that they have not updated the real users of some five million of these phone numbers, which he said are “macos” used frequently by criminals for their operations. (These are commonly called “burn phones”)

For his paretr, the Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Dominguez Brito noted that the verification of these phone numbers will be of great use to improve the 911 response, since it “will allow the operators to identify the address of the person that is calling and get there with greater precision.”

Source: DiarioLibre

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