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Taxi drivers make more than public hospital doctors

A report in Diario Libre today, Thursday 13 November 2014, reveals that drivers of the multi-fare taxis known as “conchos” or “carros publicos” can make up to RD$35,000 a month, tax-free. Of the total, they have to pay RD$100 per day worked to the business associations (so-called transport unions) that have de-facto control of the routes on which they work. Other costs include vehicle maintenance, if it belongs to the driver, and gasoline and other vehicle-related expenses.

As reported, most taxis in this scheme work on alternate days. That is, the drivers will work on average 15 days a month, having time off for other income-generating activities on the other days. The drivers of these often-ramshackle vehicles therefore earn more than many professionals in the Dominican Republic, including public hospital doctors (RD$36,706 a month), nurses (RD$14,777) and teachers (RD$13,016). The drivers charge fares of RD$25 for their short routes. The drivers will fit two passengers in the front seat and four to five in the back seat.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

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  1. Samson

    And are dreadful drivers. They get lazy and forget to look or signal. Just looking for fares.

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