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Talks about water supply problem in Sosua

Recently, a meeting was held at the conference room of the town hall of Sosúa. The meeting was focused on complaints that people have about the lack of piped water supply for weeks now. For weeks, the towns of Sosúa including Cangrejos, Charamicos, Maranatha, Los Castillos and La Unión have been without water. The meeting was led by Mayor Ilana Neumann and several councilors including Johnny Matos. The residents expressed their anger about the lack of the water supply so they could not bathe for weeks now and could not wash their clothes. And all this under daily temperatures of 30 to 38 degrees Celsius! The spokesman for the water company CORAAPLATA said in defense that the supply of water to the municipality of Sosúa costs 10 million pesos per month. But because many people do not want to pay their bills, the company can only pick up 7 million per month. That means a loss of 3 million pesos per month!
The losses incur that the water company can no longer meet its obligations. The spokesman also complains about the fact that many residents unnecessarily waste a lot of water. They often leave the tap open for long periods of time. Eventually they appointed a committee of six people, consisting of representatives of the residents, the water company and the municipality and they have an agenda to come up with a solution for the problem soon.

Source: Sosua News

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  1. Samson

    I agree about water conservation but CoraPlata expect to be paid when they have delivered no water. Some feeble excuse about their computer system.

    Why do they not sue non payers in the courts? Same for electricity.

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