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Survey reveals 3.5 million did not look for jobs and Dominican Republic

SD. The survey by the National Statistics Office (ONE), called Enhogar 2013, published on Monday, reveals that 3,530,321 Dominican men and women “did not look for work,” which contrasts with the unemployment rate of 6.9% published by the Central Bank in May 2014, and which is the result of a new “methodology” which has the virtue of making these persons invisible.

And while the information of the Central Bank points toward converting them into phantoms who walk around the national territory socially invisible, they give their reasons why they are not looking for work.

Among their answers are that they could not find work, although they looked for it; that they have looked for it, but they have not found work; that they have filed applications, and they are waiting for an answer; that they believe that they are not going to find anything; that they believe that they are too old; and that they have a relative is looking for them, are among the explanations. Therefore, the reasons given make up a long rosary of discouragements that paralyze the unemployed and condemn them to survive in the dark areas of the labor market.

But the last Enhogar survey notices a possible social stigma; only 2.9% answered that “I did not want to look for work.” This result is projected to all of the population of working age, which reflects a population of 102,379 Dominican men and women under this condition which might be considered as vagrancy.

On the opposite end are the 8.3% of those surveyed that answered that “they have looked,” and not found work during the last four weeks before the survey. Projected to the environment of the total population of working age, this means that 293,017 persons looked forward work actively and did not find any.

A significant part, 42.1% which represents 1,486,265 persons, answered the surveyors from ONE that they were not looking for work, “because they are studying.” But the rest will end up enlarging the so-called “disenchanted workers.”

In a report from 30 January 2013, titled “Growth, jobs and social cohesion in the Dominican Republic,” the International Labor Organization (OIT) stresses that in many developing countries, such as the case of the Dominican Republic, a low level of open unemployment “is not necessarily an indicator of welfare nor do does it determine the point at which a country is found to possess a situation of full employment.”

The last open unemployment rate released by the Central Bank was in May 2014, and equal to 6.9% of the population of the country. The open unemployment rate did not include the disenchanted, which, subtracted from those that report that they are studying, amounts to 2,044,056 persons.

According to the OIT, a low rate of open unemployment, such as this 6.9%, “really reflects a generalized poverty, where a large number of persons cannot allow themselves the luxury of being unemployed and in an active search of a job so that instead of this, they are obliged to carry out sporadic and informal work or work on their own account in the informal activities in urban areas as well as rural for the purpose of surviving.”

Some 9.9% of the unemployed, equal to 349,502 persons said that they did not look for work “because of their age.” It is known that in the Dominican Republic age is a frequent motive of discrimination in the workplace among formal companies.

In the Dominican Republic the working age population is estimated to start at 10 years of age which influences an increase in the jobless and unemployment rate. In the Enhogar 2013 survey, the population between 10 and 15 years was estimated at 992,107 persons.

On the other extreme is the population of 65 or more years of age which is estimated at 480,469 persons. Of these 43.1% said that they are not looking for jobs “because of their age.” Nevertheless, 7.7% of the 478,414 persons whose age is between 45 and 64 years answered that they believe that their age keeps them from getting a job.

Source: DiarioLibre

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