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Surprise visits by President Medina generated 50,814 jobs

SANTO DOMINGO. In the nearly 20 months of his administration, President Danilo Medina has carried out 63 surprise visits to communities of the different provinces of the country, in which he has left 410 projects functioning, which at this date, generate 50,814 direct jobs. The information was offered by the Administrative Minister for the Presidency, Jose Ramon Peralta, as he took part in the Dialogo Libre, an interview program sponsored by the Diario Libre and Omnimedia.

The official said that the majority of the commitments are with the farming sector but they also support others that are directly requested to the President by the people of the different towns.

The budget programmed for these programs is RD$9.6 billion of which they have already allocated around RD$4.9 billion/

Of the 410 projects, 228 are for production, which is to say that they provided resources for the farmers or to assist initiatives of the small and medium companies such as workshops and other similar enterprises. The remaining funds are for the demands of the communities that have to do with fixing the streets, aqueducts and electric energy.

Peralta noted that 298 projects are underway (72.68%) and they have finished a total of 112 projects or 27.32%.

The country is full of needs and demands that have been accumulating for decades and when they see the President they believe that all of their problems will be resolved, and at times the resources are limited. Then you see you can do some things, but not everything,” Peralta said.

He said that the visits are the fulfillment of campaign promises that were made by President Medina. “This is a project that is very much his,” Peralta commented as he stressed the importance that the Chief of State gives each one of the visits that he carries out.

More credit

Peralta said that before the administration of President Danilo Medina ends, the problem of a lack of access to credit by the farm sector will be solved.

He assured the newspaper editors that on the big issues of the farm sector and the development of education, the government has done a job like no other. “We will leave the Agriculture Bank with sufficient capital to attend all of the national problems,” he forecast.

He said that during what remains of the administration’s term of office, they will continue to inject more money into the entity.

He also noted that the government is continuing the strengthening of the Special Fund for Farm Development (FEDA) in order to continue providing loans to the sector.

He said that the availability of RD$4.5 billion for loans to the farm sector at a preferential rate, show that the lack of credit for the countryside will be a problem that at the end of the administration’s term of office will be definitively solved.

Line 2 of Metro and the Cibao-Sur highway will continue

The Administrative Minister for the Presidency, Jose Ramon Peralta, noted that in spite of the budgetary limitations, the government will continue with the construction of the Line 2 of the Santo Domingo Metro.

He confirmed that for now what they have planned is that it reach as far as the Megacentro, at the intersection of the San Vicente de Paul and Carretera Mella in East Santo Domingo.

“These are two or three kilometers, to cross to that side, above all it is what they wanted and there was a very important demand,” said the official from the Presidential Palace.

He made it clear that one of the characteristics of the government of President Danilo Medina is that he finishes everything he starts.

The original Metro of Santo Domingo project covered a second line from Los Alcarrizos to San Luis, but up until now they have only built the stretch from the Luperon Avenue at Kilometer 9 of the Duarte Highway to the Padre Castellanos Avenue, the former 17 Street, next to the Francisco del Rosario Sanchez Bridge.

Cibao-Sur Highway

Another project that the government will continue is the Cibao – Sur Highway.

According to the official, in the next few days they will present the President with the layout and the cost of the project. “Then he will make the decision for which of the routes they will go, which must be the one with the least environmental impact, to the environment, and that Is also feasible,” he said.

Peralta said that for the construction of the project, he understands that there will be a tender process.

Other issues

Needs: “What this country needs the most is jobs and we are making every effort to that end,” said the government official.

Sacrifice: In spite of the sacrifice that the surprise visits imply, in terms of being with his family, Peralta explained that they are also gratifying because they can do a lot of things with few resources in the most distant communities.

Deficit: He reported that the government managed to reduce the deficit from 8.5% of GDP, a level that existed when Medina took office, down to 6.6%, in four months. At the present time it is pegged at 2.8% of GDP.

Education: The Administrative Minister for the Presidency said that another problem which will be resolved during the Medina administration, which probably will not be enjoyed by this administration, is that of education.

Bureaucracy: Peralta also recognized the stumbling blocks imposed by the state bureaucracy. It is a struggle to impose what has never been done on what has always been done,” he declared.

Source: DiarioLibre

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