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Supreme Court is working to solve delays in Property Jurisdiction

SD. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the chairman of the Council of the Judicial Power, Mariano German Mejia, assured the people that this state power is working to solve the unnecessary delays that exist in the Property Jurisdiction.

He thanked the Finjus report, “because it allows us to compare it with the surveys that we have done internally.”

German Mejia gave guarantees that he is taking the necessary, adequate and opportune steps in each case. Likewise he warned that he will not permit individual issues to stem going forward with the process.

“It is an undisputable social fact that the institutional processes take time and solutions are not achieved immediately. ”

He suggested the need for a little more time, but he said that they were working steadily and confidently so that the country could collect the fruits of all of these years, efforts and money invested in the reform in order to have a real estate jurisdiction that is strong and trustworthy.

“I am asking for confidence, solidarity and coordinated work with all of the institutions and parties that are showing some worries over this jurisdiction and over the functioning of the Judicial Power.”

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Last updated March 25, 2017 at 5:40 PM
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