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Supermarket sale of the Dominican Nationality

Adriano Miguel Tejada, executive editor of Diario Libre, says that the ruling for Naturalization Law 169-14 has created a “supermarket sale” of Dominican nationality with the newly enacted procedures that require presenting documents to authorities that have a very low threshold of proof.

“Any Haitian qualifies for naturalization if that individual can prove that he or she spent time in the Dominican Republic,” comments Tejada. He called the proofs “lax”. “It’s enough for a person to simply present a couple of receipts to satisfy the plan’s requirements.

He comments that he would qualify for American citizenship if the same conditions were offered in the US. He says he can show having paid regularly a US-based telephone service.

“One can understand the interest of the government to resolve the problem given the international pressures, but it also must be recognized that the international community must understand the serious motives,” he comments.

He said the greatest problem is that the Medina government itself is divided among humanitarians and legalists.

“A firm position of the Dominican government could lead to the signing of an international treaty between Haiti and the DR for regulating workers, in which Haitians can aspire to Dominican nationality who were those born here and that can prove their uninterrupted residence in the Dominican Republic. Anything else will be lead to a “supermarket sale of the Dominican nationality,” he writes.

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

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