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Strike: Sosua’s neighborhoods have been without water for weeks

The inhabitants of the neighborhoods Los Castillos, La Unión and Cangrejos (districts of Sosúa), have been deprived of water for weeks. The spokesman for the water company CORAAPPLATA said that because of the drought there just isn’t enough water and that they unfortunately have to ration the users. The residents of Los Castillos and La Unión have made their dissatisfaction loudly clear with some protest marches. The residents of the neighborhood Cangrejos however went a bit further, they had blocked the passageway between Sosúa and Puerto Plata with burning tires and debris. Police and military had to come to break through the barriers and remove them and the angry residents. The president of the neighborhood association Cangrejos said that the residents do not advocate violence. But being deprived of water for several weeks, makes life unlivable.

If within a few days the problem of water supply is not resolved, he said, then we come back and with even harsher actions. The water supply in El Batey, the tourist area of Sosúa has hardly had any problems. So the tourists don’t need to fear that they cannot shower.

Source: Sosua News

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  1. Samson

    I have been without water for months not weeks.

    They trot out one excuse after another. That is if you can get an answer at all.

    They are an absolute disgrace and should be replaced by people who know what they are doing. They are totally incompetent. Thy have never heard of the word service nor maintenance.

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