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Stark contrast: Dominican capital’s river people and new subway

Santo Domingo.-The pockets of poverty and vulnerability under which thousands of families live along the Ozama riverbanks, where scenes seem right out of the distant past, are in stark contrast with the progress posed by construction of Santo Domingo Metro’s new subway line.

Just a short walk from downtown Santo Domingo, at the slums Los Mina Viejo and Brisas del Ozama, people still cook with firewood, use outhouses to and sleep in shanties with earthen floors and corrugated steel roofs, while food and security are a “big if.”

Flash flood terror

“We live in terror here, when the river rises it takes all the houses with it. Many children have been lost in the thicket there, and we live in a very difficult situation to get bread,” said Luis Alfredo Terrero, 24, who watched as several families dismantled their shacks to make way for the Metro.

With just a 2nd grade education son of a handyman and an unemployed domestic, Terrero lives with a woman and already have three girls. He sells bootleg DVDs in various avenues, but complained of his current “very critical situation” because he’s not making much.

Like him, Mayra Rita, who recently gave birth, and her mother Mayra Henríquez depend on charity, they fear for their lives when the flooding nears their shacks.

Each of their stories is filled with despair, needs and fears, but also with hope.

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