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Special Studies: Laguna de Cabarete has severe ecological problems

PUERTO PLATA A group of specialists in environmental management and biologists last week conducted a study in the lagoon of Cabarete, which resulted in a high degree of contamination in this ecosystem where at Station 5 – Hotel Caoba adjoins the property of the entrepreneur Michel Gay Crosier, the president of the Association for the Development of seasoning Cabarete (ADECA).
The professionals involved in the environmental study are Dr. Liliana Betancourt Fernández; who is a technical coordinator in environmental management coastal marine biotic component, Code 01-020, and Dr. Alejandro Moreno Herrera; a specialist in physical-natural, Code 01-019, who analyzed water quality and the results of physical and chemical parameters of Cabarete Lagoon Environmental Management Component.
The specialists concluded their study by issuing a report that “the total solids ranged from 168.6 to 178.2 milligrams at Stations 2, 3 and 4, but were valued at 1,377 milligrams, at Station 5 which is above the norm, while fecal and total coliform were above the higher level of the detection limit of the method and therefore above the norms in all seasons, indicating a high microbiological contamination in the entire channel.
Also in the analysis there was detected a large presence of people’s mass as the nearby hotel facilities dump waste along the channel, they are undoubtedly responsible for this pollution load to the point that this situation has worried the sampling technicians. There was found a PVC pipe inside the channel specifically beneath the waters to hotel Caoba, where all kinds of pollution load was recorded.
This study has virtually unmasked Mr. Michel Gay Crosier, who was presented as an “environmentalist”, but the sanitary sewer owned by the hotel is polluting the lagoon of Cabarete causing serious environmental damage to the ecosystem so that the authorities have to quickly stop this attack against nature.
It is expected that the Ministry of Environment will take corrective measures after the results of this study conducted by Dr. Liliana Betancourt and Alejandro Fernández Moreno Herrera and recalling that by Decree 847-09, called the Tourism Zoning Plan Borough Cabarete located east of the town of Sosua, in the area of ​​ecotourism, has recovered part of the lagoon and the surrounding area reforested.
Cabarete Lagoon, Lagoon Goleta and surrounding caves, form one of the main attractions of the Natural Monument El Choco, are now in danger as physical and chemical results are above the rules, where solid floating that should be absent, were present throughout the channel for the expert.
Therefore, at stations 2, 3 and 4 of the pond, everything is as normal and appropriate to the point that its water clean and transparent, however only at station 5, that is, behind the hotel Caoba where the waste pipe goes into the channel, it is highly polluted with thousands of fecal coliform.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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