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Sixteen deaths so far during Christmas holidays

SD. The Center for Emergency Operations (COE) reported yesterday the death of 16 persons, all in traffic accidents which occurred during the Christmas Eve holiday and the first hours of Christmas Day.

The total number of persons affected going into the 2nd phase of the “Safe Christmas for the Values 2014 – 2015″ operation reached 492 persons, including 21 intoxicated by alcoholic beverages and 2 persons affected by food poisoning, according to the 2nd bulletin issued by the COE. Last year at the same date there were a total of 14 deaths and 209 persons affected which shows an increase in the number of incidents registered on this occasion.

The traffic accidents were, as each year, the principle cause of injuries. There were a total of 212, with injuries to 469 persons. And motorcycle accidents stand out, with 144 incidents, to which they attribute 13 of the deaths. Although he regrets the number, the COE director, Juan Mendez Garcia seemed optimistic with the results of the operation.

“He recalled that on a daily basis, on “normal” days, some 9 to 10 persons die in traffic accidents and the number increases to 12 or 13 on weekends.” “If we take a look at the day-to-day activity and what the statistics show with relation to the operation, we could say that nobody died in relation to the operation, in spite of the fact that on these dates at round 2 million persons are traveling around the country,” he said.

74 cases on highways; 9 persons were hit

The accidents registered during the Christmas Eve period, which covers the exodus of the 23rd and 24th in the morning, were most frequent in the urban areas. The COE report registers 138 cases on streets and avenues, and 74 on highways.

The COE report indicates that there were 9 persons hit on the roads, 54 light vehicle accidents and 5 involving heavy vehicles. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (AMET) confiscated 103 heavy vehicles which went out into the streets without permission, in spite of the prohibition which was issued by the Directorate of Ground Transportation for these dates. The AMET also seized 38 vehicles of the same type (heavy) which were traveling in the left lane, 23 light vehicles, 172 motorcycles and cited another 32 for excess speed. The AMET also provided 83 roadway assistances. For their part, the Ministry of Public Works assisted 834 citizens on the highways.

2nd phase starts on 30 December at 2:00 p.m.

For today, the COE is preparing to offer the final results of the first phase of the Christmas operation, and begin the preparations for the 2nd phase which corresponds to the New Year’s celebration plan, which is set to start next Tuesday, 30 December and end 1 January at 6:00 in the afternoon.

The more than 20 assistance agencies which are taking part in the Christmas operations are counting on a total of 32,455 volunteers, which include medical and paramedical personnel, military and police personnel, and specialists in search and rescue among others. They also use the services of 126 ambulances, 3 helicopters, 4 units of vehicular rescue, and 90 quick response units.

The COE set up 1502 aid stations, including 1030 which are run by Civil Defense which is directed by general Rafael De Luna Pichirilo, and are located at strategic points.

Source: DiarioLibre

UPDATE: 23 deaths over Christmas holidays

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) reports 23 traffic deaths during the Christmas holidays. This is fewer than in 2013 when there were 28 deaths. But this year, the number of injured went up, with 762 people injured compared to 517 in 2013. The figures cover the period from 23 December at 2pm to 25 December at 6pm.

The COE reported 353 traffic accidents, of which 220 involved motorcyclists. Motorcyclists were involved in 16 of the deaths. 135 people were hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, including a seven-year old boy. In total, 17 cases of minors with alcohol poisoning were reported.

Source: DR1

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