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SID Group earns more than RD $251 million with 3 R program

SANTO DOMINGO. Since the implementation in 2011 of the System of Environmental Management, through which they Reuse, Recycle and Reduce the use of materials that are employed in their production processes, the SID Group has had benefits of RD $251,104,003 in income and savings.

According to the SID Group, this system has brought about a more efficient use of electricity, water and other resources. In that way, the income and savings for electricity have reached RD $18,769,869; for fuel, RD $65, 127,247; for steam, RD $17,679,016 and RD $169,471 for water. But it is the residues which previously went to the garbage dump which have produced the greatest benefits: RD $149,358,397.

In the year 2011, the SID Group – composed of Mercasid, Induveca, Agua Cristal, Induspalma, SID Franchises and SID Entertainment – used 88% of the residues. One year later the percentage reached 92% and in 2013, 94% usage.

By individual companies, Mercasid has been the one that contributed the most benefits to the group, as it registered RD $155,007,268 in savings and income. This is followed by Induveca, with RD $62,867,848; Agua Cristal with RD $16,838,910 and Induspalma with RD $16,389,977.

Using the residues

The Environmental Coordinator of the SID Group, Stalin Enmanuel Sanchez, explains that as part of the Environmental Management System they reuse out of date oils which are sent to the area of acidization, where the residual water and greases from the production process also go and are treated until they achieve an acidic oil that they sell as animal food.

This product has produced income for RD $92,339,757 in the last 3 years. Sanchez tells how they also recycle the plastic of the oil bottles, which they send to an authorized handler.

In the Induspalma company, at the plantation of African palms which they use as raw material, the garbage produced was “0″, but until the beginning of the program they had no statistics regarding the benefits that this and other practices of the company provided which are along the lines of recycling, according to Lourdes Maria Frias, the communications director for the SID Group.

In the case of Induveca, a meat, milk product and soft drink industry, the bones, the tripe and other scrap from their production processes are sent to the “Cooker” in order to produce a product that is sold as animal feed, which between 2011 and 2013 reported income for RD $28,648,092.

Towards zero garbage

The SID Group is part of a program which seeks to apply the 3Rs and move towards “Zero Garbage,” coordinated by the Center for Farming and Forestry Development (CE DAF) and sponsored by the Industrial Association of the Dominican Republic (AI RD) and the Multilateral Investment Fund (FOMIN). Ginny Heinson, from Cedaf, says that the purpose of Zero Garbage is to “minimize what is sent to the dump and fortunately now at the world level it is understood that everything that is sent to the garbage dump is synonymous with inefficiency.”

Source: DiarioLibre

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