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Sex trade clampdown expected in Boca Chica

Attorney General Francisco Domingo Brito has instructed the specialized corps for illicit trafficking of migrants and people to prosecute anyone suspected of engaging in sexual exploitation in Boca Chica. He said the department should request the deportation of foreigners who own brothels. Dominguez Brito has ordered investigations into the operation of brothels and sexual procurement, recruitment of people for sexual exploitation and related issues in Boca Chica.

He said authorities should neither allow nor tolerate situations where people from abroad use Dominican territory to set up this kind of business that affects the image of Dominican women, where women and young people are exploited, many of whom are sent abroad to work in prostitution. The Attorney General criticized foreigners who come here to promote the country as a ‘sex tourism paradise.’

“That practice needs to be tackled vigorously,” he said. Dominguez Brito added that he has seen how many young girls are used for the sex trade and then sent to work in criminal structures that operate abroad. He said many of them are offered fake contracts and promises of work, and then have to experience an unacceptable ordeal, forced to work as prostitutes with a life of great suffering. This has to be stopped,” he said.

He said the anti-laundering division would confiscate the properties and place them at the service of the community or the victims themselves as a way of preventing them from being reopened to continue the practice. He mentioned the case of a German national named as Erwin Seitel who was the owner-manager of the Caribbean Men’s Paradise Night Club located on Av. Pedro Clisante in Sosua, Puerto Plata who was deported for sexual procurement. He also mentioned the case of a business that was closed down on Av. Pasteur, in Gazcue in Santo Domingo.

Source: DR1, ListinDiario

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