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Sentences of 30,20 and 10 years for defendants in Jordi case

SANTIAGO. In the midst of expectations and a broad expanse of security, the First Collegiate Tribunal of the Judicial District of Santiago issued sentences of 30,20 and 10 years for the persons convicted of the attempted murder of the lawyer and journalist Jordi Veras.

The Tribunal, with Judge Annelis Torres presiding, issued the maximum sentence to Candy Caminero Rodriguez who was shown to be the person who fired the shots at Veras.

For Adriano Roman, Engel Carela Castro, Franklin Reynoso, Arturo del Castillo and Roberto Zabala, the judges issued 20 year sentences in the Rafey Prison.

At the same time, Francisco Carela Castro was sentences to just 10 years as had been requested by the Prosecutor and the accusatory part because he had collaborated with the investigative process of the criminal action.

Also, the judges awarded damages for the amount of RD$100 million for Jordi Veras, who the group attempted to murder in 2010.

After hearing the verdicts Jordi and his father, Ramon Antonio Veras (Negro) broke down in tears and hugged after four years fighting in the courts in order to see justice done.

At the end of the audience which started at ten in the morning as was over a half-hour later, Jordi said that he was satisfied with the sentence and pointed out that the sentence sends a message of hope.

“With this sentence we can safely say that justice prevailed over crime,” said Veras.

He said that he dedicated the verdict to the victims of paid assassins that over the past four years did not have the good luck to survive.

In the meantime, his father said that with the decision justice has been served against those who tried to kill his son.

“This sentence is not a triumph of the Veras family, but rather a triumph of the best of Dominican society that has shown solidarity in these difficult moments of our lives,” Veras explained.

In this sense Veras thanked the former District Attorney Yeni Berenice Reynoso, Brigadier General Hector Garcia Cuevas and his team of investigators for their efforts carried out so that the attempted murder of his son did not go unpunished.

He said that what was achieved is an important step, but he would continue fighting until he gets a definitive and irrevocable sentence.

For his part the Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Dominguez Brito, said he was satisfied with the sentence as he indicated that this verdict was what was hoped for by the Dominican society.

The attempt on Jordi’s life was ordered by Adriano Roman according to what was turned up by the investigations of the Justice Department and the National Police, who orchestrated the plan from inside the Rafey Prison.

These investigations also found that the motive behind the criminal attempt was vengeance sought by Adriano Roman because of the 20 year sentence he received for the attempted murder of his former wife, Miguelina Llaverias, whose lawyer was Jordi Veras.

The murder attempt took place on 2 June 2010, when the jurist was going into the installations of Channel 25 in Santiago. He was shot twice in the face and has permanently lost the sight in his left eye.


The trial was supposed to start at nine in the morning, but nevertheless it began at ten, some 17 minutes after the arrival of the defendants.

Jordi, his father and the other members of the family arrived before the defendants, the same as their lawyers.

The hearing began with a statement of the evidence by Judge Jose de Asis Burgos. Then the secretary of the First Collegiate Tribunal began to read the sentence for each one of the defendants.

When she read the sentence, Jordi and his father began to cry while the defendants listened attentively to the verdicts against them. Some of the accused, among them Roman, appeared not to be bothered while the sentence was read. Candy Caminero, who shot at Jordi, was quiet, but upon leaving the courtroom, he said that an injustice had been committed against him.

He says they will appeal

For his part, lawyer Bernardo Jimenez, representing Engels Carela Castro, said that he would appeal the sentence alleging that it was unfair and abusive against his client.

From the start of the trial of the Jordi Veras case there were numerous hearings and constant incidents caused by the defendants and the lawyers of the accused, which made the judicial process very long.

In yesterday’s audience, the District Attorney for Santiago, Luisa Liranzo, Jordis ‘brothers, and friends and relations of the family were also present.


From the early hours of the morning there was a lot of security around the Palace of Justice, with a long line of persons that struggled to enter the building, each of which was closely searched. The defendants were taken to the courtroom at 9:45 a.m., and the judges took the bench seven minutes later, while at 10:00 a.m. one of the magistrates justified the sentence and the secretary ended the reading of the full sentence at 10:22 a.m. They announced that the full sentence would be read on 2 July at 9:00 in the morning.

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