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SDSS generates millions in earnings for health sector

SANTO DOMINGO. Fernando Caamaño will leave the Superintendency of Health and Labor Risks (Sisalril) after 8 years on the job with a financial contribution by the Dominican System of Social Security (SDSS) to the health sector of more than RD $51.0 billion.

He will also leave after his tenure an entity which covers 5.85 million affiliates of the Family Health Insurance (SFS) of the Dominican System of Social Security (SDSS), which is equal to 59% of the Dominican population.

Caamaño, who ends his work next January, pointed out that just until September of this year they have transferred RD $246 billion, which makes them the most appropriate and effective medium to finance the sector.

As he presented his memoirs as the head of Sisalril,, Caamaño said that one of the principal challenges for the system is to implement a new model of health attention that guarantees its strengthening.

He reported that at the end of this year from the active payrolls in the formal economy some RD$32 billion will have moved just in favor of the Payroll Deduction Regime.

“By the close of next December, we have delivered to our affiliates Maternity, Breast Feeding and, Common Illness subsidies equivalent to RD $5.9 billion, counting on technical reserves that amount to RD $1.7 billion, having an investment surplus of RD $800 million, which implies that the actuarial and financial assets of the insurance for common illnesses, maternity and breast-feeding are more than guaranteed in our hands,” Caamaño said.


As he referred to the challenges of the system, the soon-to-be departing Superintendent of Health indicated thae need to implement a unique hospital network that contracts and invoices the services that the Social Security delivers and establishes a system of reference and cross-reference of the patients.

“This is one of the challenges to the Sisalril with regard to the strengthening of the system as well as the startup of the model of health attention by levels with the primary care facilities as the entrance to the services of the Family Health Insurance (SFS).”

Likewise, he calls the lack of single fees for consultations and procedures painful, as well as a basic charge of up to date medicines.

“If the Ministry does not manage to establish and give fulfillment to all of these things that we have mentioned previously, the Dominican System of Social Security will continue suffering from the current ills until it reaches a collapse sooner rather than later,” he said.

Between criticisms and praises

Fernando Caamaño closeseight years of his professional history in a state institution in which he faced criticisms of the sectors of the Dominican System of Social Security (SDS as). Since Sisalril obliges all the dependencies under its regime to carry out their work according to Law 87 – 01 on Social Security which caused criticisms and hard feelings. At the end, some of those sectors, such as the Directorate and Defense of the Affiliates (Dida) received yesterday Caamaño’s praise, while for others he reproached their usual criticisms.

Source: DiarioLibre

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