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Santo Domingo-Samana road toll jump excessive

Monte Plata, Dominican Republic.- The Samana and Monte Plata Provinces Tourism Cluster on Monday called the recent jump on the Northeastern Motorway’s tolls excessive, and warned it could delay the region’s economic development.

It said the higher cost could postpone the creation of hundreds of jobs, since less traffic would lead investors to think twice when planning businesses.

“It’s the country’s most expensive toll,” which in its view didn’t take into account that Samana, and Monte Plata and Nagua are developing their tourism industry. “But the route’s high price forces motorists to stay in Santo Domingo or travel to destinations where the use of the road doesn’t cost so much.”

Cluster spokesman Julian Peralta said the highway’s four toll stations have raised prices to exaggerated levels. “It is far-fetched to charge four tolls for spans of less than 60 kilometers,” where motorists pay a RD$1,876 (US$43) roundtrip.

For Monte Plata Development Foundation president Ydal de los Santos, the road inaugurated more than six years ago has contributed nothing to the province’s development, and has caused the ecological damage to Los Haitises National Park instead.

He added that the highway, which cut the road distance between Santo Domingo and Samaná from 220 km to 120 km, “has decimated the reserve’s fauna and doesn’t have ramps to protect the reptiles.

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  1. Samson

    Rather negates the advantages and as usual has effects that reach further than foreseen.

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