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Regulations for coexistence from Education are rejected by educational community

SANTO DOMINGO. Representatives of parent groups from public and private schools, as well as the directors of educational centers showed their preoccupation and indignation over the regulation by the Ministry of Education regarding peaceful coexistence, which removes the authority to punish students who show bad behavior.

Orlando Ferreira, the president of the Fathers, Mothers and Tutors Association of educational region 18 (Neyba and Independencia), Bolivar Sosa, the representative of the owners of private schools on the National Education Council, and Margarita Sosa, the director of the Brisa Oriental School, in East Santo Domingo, interviewed separately, said that the measure is serious issue, because you cannot construct a society that ignores the authority of the teachers and school directors.

Ferreira argued that given the little responsibility that some parents have regarding the children, in the public schools there should be a measure which allows order and discipline to be imposed on the students.

“This decision is worrisome and outrageous, because it was not consulted with the parents and with the disciplinary statutes that are currently in force,” he said.

He added that the regulations could function if the parents acted with responsibility regarding the excesses of their children, and he recalls that there are a lot of problems which come from the homes, and that the teachers represent the only source available to discipline students which, today have many problems with their conduct.

For Sosa, the document stimulates the lack of awareness of school authority and he thinks that this does not respond to Dominican culture.

He said that in the East region they have discussed the issue with directors and guidance counselors and there exists worry that this regulation might be established.

“The rejection percentage regarding the regulation is very high, and I said this to the authorities of the Ministry because this coexistence not only affects the private sector but also all of the school community, but I have not had an answer from the Ministry which thinks this is the greatest and this is regrettable,” said Sosa.

For the director of the Brisa Oriental School, whose last name is also Sosa, they should take care about tying the hands of the authorities in the schools.

She feels that if a student commits an excess, it should be taken care of, because in the end it becomes a problem for the school, the parents and for society.

She explained that when a director of an educational center, public or private, sanctions and expels a student, it is because he has already gone through a whole series of measures. She warns that one has to be careful, because at times correcting an excess can cause more damage.

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