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Re-electionists are working hard for another period

SANTO DOMINGO. While they expect significant changes in the cabinet as this Saturday the Danilo Medina administration celebrates its second anniversary, the group that is pushing for his re-nomination for the 2016 elections does not stop working. They are projecting in all the media what they call “The National Decision.”

Yesterday the Minister of Public Works, Gonzalo Castillo, suggested that “if the best president in the history of the Dominican Republic, which is Danilo Medina, needs to go four more years, then the people should empower themselves and request this through a modification of the Constitution, which is the easiest to do.”

Castillo argued for the United States model in which only two consecutive periods are permitted.

He said that “the job takes the man to his destiny,” and the difficult job being done by President Danilo Medina, is carrying him to a position where the people are asking for another four years. He spoke on the program “Matinal.”

Added to all this, he says that the reelection group is building a political machinery and all 32 provinces of the country so that they President accepts being nominated once again as the party candidate.

The changes

if the movements and changes that are expected in the government administration facing next 16 August are applied, they could be a message as to what will be the route taken by President Medina as he guides the second half of his term of office.

From this step, the success of the reelection project will depend, since it will open the possibility of such a project, if the President substitutes the officials that are allied with Leonel Fernandez that are still in the cabinet, with his own followers that are on the bench, and have always been at his side.

Among the officials that have been kept on since the previous administration of former President Leonel Fernandez are the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Ligia Amada Melo; the Minister for Women, Alejandrina German; the Minister of Foreign Relations, Carlos Morales Troncoso; the Minister of Interior and Police, José Ramon Fadul; Euclides Gutierrez Felix, the Superintendent of insurance and the director of the National Housing Institute (INVI), Alma Fernandez.

People who were also “old” and their jobs are allies of the Progressive Block which Fernandez built, such as the executive director of the Fund for Promotion of Community Initiatives, José Gonzalez Espinosa, who is the former President of the Dominican Workers Party; the director of the Institute for the Development of the Southwest, Hector Rafael Peguero Mendez, the president of the Popular Christian Party (PPC); and the administrator of the National Assistance and Housing Institute, Maritza Lopez, the president of the Liberal Action Party (PAL).

Other allies of Fernandez and the PLD currently in the government are the director general of Community Development, Luis Acosta Moreta, President of the Christian Democratic Union (UDC); the administrator of the National Lottery, José Francisco Peña Tavarez, the son of the president of the Social Democrat Institutional Block (B I S); and the director of the Institute of Cooperative Credit and Development, Pedro Corporan, the president of the National Unity Party (PUN).

Other allies are the director of the National Council on Population and Family, José Antolin Polanco, the president of the Socialist Green Party (PASOVE) and the director general of immigration José Ricardo Taveras, who is the Secretary general of the National Progressive Force (FNP).

The possible candidates

the question of many people is what will President Met Dina with the aspiring presidential candidates, such as the Minister of Economy, Temistocles Montas; and the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia, who have been in their positions since the previous administration, and who are members of the Political Committee. There worry took on greater importance, after the decision by Reinaldo Pared Perez not to run again for Senate president.

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