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Re-election and Leonel Fernandez dilemmas

In her editorial column today, Tuesday 7 October 2014, Diario Libre’s Ines Aizpun comments on the Dominican presidential tradition of changing the Constitution to suit the head of government.

She says that since the current Constitution outlaws consecutive re-election, it would be logical for discussions to center on who the ruling PLD party candidate will be and not the current focus on how to change the Constitution so that Medina can run again.

“Will there ever be a President who respects the Constitution he swore to respect and have respected?” she asks in today’s editorial. “A President who is coherent with his word or another politician who ‘sacrifices’ himself for the good of the people,” she comments.

Aizpun writes that the problem of the lack of institutionalism starts with assuming that the Constitution is “only valid” for three years.

“Leonel Fernandez appears to have a different dilemma,” she writes. “Why would someone who has been President for three terms want to do so again?” She wonders if he has any other interests, another way of life, personal goals, wishes, or plans. “Why can’t he serve his country, if that is his motivation, from another platform that is not of total power that the position grants in a highly presidentialist country without strong institutions?” she asks.

She concludes: “What implications does it have that we believe it is normal for the Constitution to be changed to the beat of the specific desires of one or another group?

“The political class has to regenerate itself. There is no workshop sponsored by international agencies, donations to the civil society… that can have an effect on this topic. Danilo Medina should be the first to do something convincing.”

Source: DR1, DiarioLibre

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