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Puerto Plata: Woman rises from the dead and dies again as in state of catalepsy

PUERTO PLATA -. A Haitian woman died yesterday while being taken to a health center in Santiago, but upon returning to Puerto Plata she surprisingly rose again, and died after apparently experiencing a state of catalepsy.
The deceased was identified as Selenia Muñoz who had for days health complications and was admitted to the Ricardo Limardo hospital, but due to her worsen clinical condition she was sent to the university regional hospital José María Cabral y Baez Santiago, she died on the road, but after returning to Puerto Plata surprisingly opened her eyes and stood up from the bed at home, while they were preparing for the funeral, and died again minutes later.
According to data supplied by the photojournalist Ramon Tavares, relatives of Muñoz, they asked a physician to give an electro cardiogram to check if her death was for real, so they could proceed with a Christian burial in the eyes of hundreds of onlookers who came to see the funeral of “the woman who died, rose and died again.”
Around this shocking case, medical experts have revealed that the deceased lady of Haitian nationality may have experienced a state of trance which is a biological state in which a person lies motionless in apparent death without vital signs in a state that could be conscious or unconscious, which can in turn vary in intensity and in some cases an individual is in a vague state of consciousness, while others can see and hear perfectly everything that happens around them.
The severity of the disease called catalepsy, is that the person may be buried while still alive and wake up at any time and it can normally get to last three days, in which a person in a state of apparent death, could be buried and wake up inside the coffin.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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