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Puerto Plata court released Cabarete former district director (Canoa) accused of embezzling public funds

PUERTO PLATA . The First Appellate Court of Puerto Plata jurisdiction, yesterday released the suspended director of the District Board of Cabarete – Gabriel Antonio Ramirez Mora (Canoa) – who was accused of alleged irregularities of using 185 million pesos.
The court was composed of the judges Rosa France Liriano, Irina Ventura Castillo and Venice Rojas gave its verdict to release Canoa from the charges, after the prosecution failed to prove the charges against him.
Acquittal was also issued in favor of the suspended Director of the District Board of Cabarete Gabriel Antonio Mora Ramirez (Canoe) and former director Eddy Morfe who were accused of performing various pranks and committing a lot of irregularities in the management of public institution.
The Public Ministry was represented by Attorney holder fiscal Puerto Plata at the hearing; Nuñez Pichardo licensed Alba, said they will appeal this judgment of the appellate court in this judicial district.
According to Judge Nuñez Pichardo, the defendants Mora Ramirez and Morfe are charged with violating articles 166, 167, 169, 170, 171, 172 and 266 of the Penal Code Dominican since this trial background was ordained on June 6 in the Instruction court Puerto Plata chaired by Dr. Nicholas Severino Saldivar which also test all elements contained in the indictment were admitted which was filed by the Association for the Development of Cabarete (ADECA).
While in a sensational way, several journalists have tried to blame the Procurator Fiscal of Puerto Plata; Alba Nuñez Pichardo, that she has had consecutive defeats in all cases representing the Dominican State. Experts say valuations are very intemperate, and are made ignoring the legal proceedings.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital

Update:  Appeal sought for case against Canoa in Cabarete

Tourism business organizations in Cabarete and Sosua are urging Attorney General Francisco Dominguez Brito to appeal against a decision by a court in Puerto Plata that has discharged Gabriel Mora (Canoa) and Eddy Morfe of accusations of corruption involving RD$189 million in the local government of Cabarete.

During the hearing on Monday, 21 August 2014, judges Rosa Francia Liriano, Irina Ventura and Venecia Rojas said that the arguments presented by the Attorney General did not contain sufficient proof to declare the accused guilty.

The leaders of the Cabarete Development Association (ADECA), Michel Gay-Crossier, the Sosua and Cabarete Hotel Association (ASHORESOCA) Tomas Callender and the Sosua Sustainable Development Association Andres Gustavo Pastoriza said that the appeal should be heard in a court outside of Puerto Plata. They said that historically, judges in Puerto Plata have ruled leniently in favor of the former municipal director of Cabarete. They expressed doubts after defenders and friends of Canoa and Morfe declared publicly that their discharge had been “arranged” and that they would be released on grounds of insufficient evidence.

The accusation against Canoa and Morfe was presented by Attorney General Francisco Dominguez Brito in February 2013 for serious damage to the Laguna de Cabarete, along with other charges.

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