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Public Health presents Ebola plan which involves security agencies

SANTO DOMINGO. Yesterday, the government spent RD $70 million for the startup of the Prevention Plan against the Ebola virus which includes the prohibition of entering the national territory for persons who in the previous 30 days have visited any of the countries affected by the epidemic, as well as any new nations identified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The order was announced by the Minister of Public Health, Altagracia Guzmán Marcellino, who met at the headquarters of the ministry with the heads of the Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant General Maximo William Munoz Delgado; the Directorate General of Migration, José Ricardo Taveras Blanco; the Dominican Port Authority,Mayobanex Escotto; the Civil Aviation Institute, Alejandro Herrera Rodriguez; the Airport Department, Marino Collante; general Juan Manuel Mendez Garcia, the director of the Center of Emergency Operations, and the Budget Director, Luis Reyes.

The minister, as the person responsible for health protection and welfare of the population, appointed herself spokeswoman of the plan against Ebola, and issued resolution Number 22 which contains the measures of the prevention protocols for the disease.

Guzmán Marcellino explained that the dispositions include an effective inter-institutional coordination headed by the Ministry of Health, directed at the early detection of any suspicious case of the disease from an airline, seaport, or frontier crossing.

The dispositions include a vigilance cordon in the seaports, airports, and frontier crossings, as well as the strengthening of the monitoring in the health services.

In addition, the Ministry of Public Health ordered the preparation of a medical unit for the timely diagnosis of any clinical case of Ebola and the transfer from the place where it is identified to the place of specialized isolated care, as well as the training of all the medical personnel.

The Ministry of Public Health has ordered the preparation of the unit of specialized attention for the treatment of Ebola in the Ney Arias Lora Hospital, in Villa Mella, with exclusive access, both for the ambulance as well as the health personnel and with no proximity to the personnel that work there or the patients.

Guzmán Marcellino said that she ordered an exclusive elevator and that the money needed to acquire the equipment and materials is available.

At the San Isidro Air Base they will also prepare a medical care unit for this purpose and next to Immigration at the Las Americas International Airport there will be a unit from the Ministry of Public Health to treat and transfer any event.

Another disposition ordered by the minister is the strengthening of the Dr. Defillo National Laboratory for sending samples, according to the guidelines and criteria of the IATA (International Air Transport Association).

The minister confirmed that the ambassador from the United States, James Brewster, talked to her about the issue of Ebola, during a visit that he made last Monday and that he promised to collaborate with the preparation of the response project of the Dominican Republic to the thread of the disease.

The Aeronautical Authority and the Immigration Department were instructed to coordinate with the airlines and shipping companies, who, if they identify a person with symptoms of the virus, are to immediately notify the Epidemiological Department of the Ministry of Public Health.

The team

The Minister of Public Health officially presented the medical and technical professionals that accompany her during her term at the ministry. Among this personnel are the director general of Collective Health, José Manuel Puello; Lillian Fondeur, the Maternal – Infantile director; Margarita Melenciado, the administrative auditor; Sergio Sarita Valdez, the coordinator for the Preparation of Protocols, Diagnostics and Handling of Diseases, and Jorge Marte Baez, the director of High Level Human Resources Training.

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