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Public Entertainment defends prohibition of the Miley Syrus show in DR

SD. In June of this year they announced that the United States’ artist Miley Cyrus would present her show “Bangerz Tour” next 13 September in the Quisqueya Stadium.

Yesterday, the National Commission of Public Entertainment and Radio Programs (CNEPR) which is headed by the announcer JM Hidalgo, sent a letter announcing the prohibition, under the argument that the artists tends to carry out “acts that are at odds with morals and customs and which are penalized by Dominican laws,” according to one paragraph of the resolution sent to the press, as well as to the producer of the show, Saymond Diaz.

The CNEPR explained that it took the measure supported by Regulations 824 of the 1951 Law. Resolution Number 001 – 2014 and dated 4 August was sent to Diaz and his company Live Nation accompanied by the Bailiff’s citation 356 – 2014.

“Besides the presentation of inadequate costumes, corruption of the language, perverse images and phrases, phrases with double meanings, excuses for crime, violence and denigrating acts for the civic culture, the incitement for sex and for lesbian sex, there is the use of improper objects in public, acts that are against personal integrity and are in violation of the rights of boys, girls, and adolescents,” says the document.

The measure goes beyond this event, since it warns the businessman to abstain in the future from contracting similar productions. Failure to comply with the present resolution, “will provoke the use of the judicial instruments that the law and the legal codes put at our disposition against such things,” says the document.

Defending the measure

Facing a question to relating to the reasons why they had not taken similar measures for the broadcasting of the music of this artists as well as the broadcasting of her videos on television, the president of the CNEPR said that there was a lack of willpower. “We have wanted to be at this time part of a series of demonstrations against the artist, and we want to support these decisions. This might be the first, but it will not be the only one. We are going to be vigilant for the compliance with the laws,” he said making it clear that this is his own initiative.

He told reporters that they are working on the reform of Regulation 824, and they are taking steps little by little. “There is a lot of delayed regarding things that should have been corrected 10 or 15 years ago and it sometime we have to react,” he said.

The efforts to obtain a reaction from Saymond Diaz were fruitless. At his offices reporters were told that he was not available. Later on a source explained that he was meeting with his lawyers to define the strategy to be followed.

Source: DiarioLibre

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