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Proceedings against Erwin Seitel (CMP VIP Club) are not discontinued

After the demonstrated and proven illegal deportation of Erwin Seitel one would worry that also the related preliminary proceeding, scheduled for May 7th 2014, could have been discontinued and ignored completely.

In this proceeding Mr. Seitel wants to proof his innocence using plenty of evidence that’s beyond any doubt. At the same moment this evidence will demonstrate the illegal actions performed by the government in this case.

The right to proof his innocence was brutally taken away when the minister of Justice of the Dominican Republic, Francisco Dominguez Brito, requested the director of immigration, Jose Ricardo Taveras Blanco, to deport Mr. Seitel to his country of origin. The motivation for this deportation was that Mr. Seitel had committed the crime of pimping (Proxenetismo). Unfortunately this was exactly what was supposed to be ruled upon in the May 7th 2014 proceedings. It’s completely incomprehensible that in a legislative democracy the minister of justice is able to rule before the judges, prejudge and condemn an individual and withdraw his rights to have a fair trial and a proper defense.

This illegal deportation of Mr. Seitel was performed on March 18th 2014 violating plenty of fundamental and human rights. Currently Mr. Seitel is barred from entering the Dominican Republic and is living at his parents’ farm near Augsburg, Germany.

Due to this deportation Mr. Seitel was unable to personally attend his own trial (preliminary proceeding) on May 7th 2014. He was represented by his lawyers Licdo. Rafael Cruz Medina and Licdo. Manuel  Danilo Reyes Marmolejos.

Strange things happened during this proceeding. Roles appeared to have changed; i.e. normally the district attorney (DA) intents to get the charges accepted to come to a court case while the defence tries to get things disallowed/dismissed; here Mr. Seitel’s defence did everything to avoid a dismissal of charges because they wanted to come to a court case since they possess plenty of evidence that proof beyond doubt the innocence of Mr. Seitel.

The present DA was surprised that Mr. Seitel was not able to attend the proceedings in person. It was noted in the protocol that he had no knowledge as such regarding Mr. Seitel’s deportation even so that it was his supreme chief, Francisco Dominguez Brito, who caused the deportation.

During the preliminary proceeding the defence of Mr. Seitel made a clear case of this non traceable illegal deportation that conflicts with any legislation. The standard case should be that one first judges someone, in case of a conviction this person receives and serves/fulfils his punishment and next he gets deported; in contradiction to what happened to Mr. Seitel who got deported before his preliminary hearing and trial.

The court in Puerto Plata saw the case similar to the defense and accepted their application.

The proceedings against Mr. Seitel were not discontinued and the court ordered the presentation of all evidence in writing within the next 15 days. Something Mr. Seitel’s lawyers will fulfill dutifully.

The court case itself is scheduled  for October 30th 2014.

Source: CMP Representative

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