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Problems of higher education said to be from high school

SANTO DOMINGO. The rector of the Eastern Cibao Technical Institute (Iteco), Esteban Tiburcio Gomez, says he feels that the deficiencies in higher education in the country which are born at the secondary level, are due, in his judgment, to the fact that at this level the students are not shown how to put into practice what they have learned.

“The first thing is that higher education is supplied from the secondary level , and at the secondary level we are training a 21st century professional in an 18th century classroom with a professor from the last century. So, we are never going to move up,” the academic explains.

As an example of this disparity,, he points out that there are still high schools with blackboards and chalk yet many students are connected to the world with iPhones.

“What has been lacking at the secondary educational process, which is what supplies the universities, is that it has not been given the practicality of the usefulness of what has been learned,” stresses Tiburcio Gomez.

The rector explains that due to the fact that all of these deficiencies, in the first educational cycles, the universities are forced to offer remedial courses in science and mathematics, “because the students arrive without knowing how to read or write.”

He said that the private universities have an advantage with respect to the public and state institutions, in this aspect, since their admission exams, perform the task of a sifter.

“Those of us, who are immersed in social responsibility and to provide answers, and we are not looking for educational resources through this process, necessarily give the grades but we do not close our doors.”

Understand what is learned

For Tiburcio Gomez, the secret of secondary education should be in understanding what is being learned, because if it is understood, the learning will be significant. “It is how much of what I am learning am I going to use? What use is what I am learning? Because of this you observe that many times the self-taught persons have so much knowledge, and are precise, in what they are looking for, because they know what they are going to do with what they are learning,” he argues.

The Iteco rector says that the Dominican educational system lacks this perspective in the secondary schools.

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