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Prices increasing rapidly

Shopkeepers’ representatives are describing price increases of between 8 and 18 % over the last two weeks as alarming.

Antonio Cruz Rojas, president of the National Council of Shopkeepers and Businesspeople in the Dominican Republic (Conacerd), and Rafael Santos, of the Dominican Council of Grocery Retailers (Codepro), mentioned increases in basic food items like rice, oil, salt cod, beans, dried herring, garlic, potatoes, plantains, chicken, milk and tomato paste.

Cruz Rojas said that over the last two weeks the prices of beer, condensed milk, and cooking oil had risen by 13%, salt cod and dried herring by between 8 and 11%, beans by 14%, as well as sugar and onions. Pork and beef had gone up from RD$70 or 80 a pound to RD$80 and 90, and salami was up from RD$75 a pound to more than RD$100.

The Codepro president said that beans were up by between 5 and 8% a quintal, potatoes up by 25%, and plantains between 10 and 15%. Garlic was now selling at between RD$100 and 130 a pound, an increase of between 10 and 15%.

Chicken was now at RD$45 to 50 a pound, up by 10% and the most popular brands of milk as well as evaporated milk were all up from between 10 and 15%.

Tins of corn were up by between RD$5 and 8, liquid seasoning up by RD$8 to 10, liters of soda increased from RD$25 to 30, juice had gone up by RD$10, now selling at RD$70, as well as a RD$5 increase on tins of beans.

Salt cod, which used to be RD$115 a pound was now RD$135, a pound of cheddar cheese has gone from RD$80 or 90 to RD$110 or 120. Other products affected by price increases included stock cubes, sardines, tuna, toilet paper, bottled water, paper napkins, margarine, vinegar, coffee, chocolate, and diapers.

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