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Power companies list energy costs/profit

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s power companies grouped  in ADIE on Sunday said the electricity distributors bought energy at an average 16.64 cents per kilowatt/hour in 2013, and sold it at 19.39 cents per KwH, for an average profit  or around 2.75 cents per KwH.

In its most recent report to the energy Utility (CDEEE), the distributor EDEESTE bought energy at nearly 13.30 cents and sold it for 18.90; EDESUR bought at 18.09 US cents to sell at around 20.35; EDENORTE bought at 18.65 cents and sold it at 18.75.

In a related topic, ADIE said just 3% of the energy sold to distributors in 2013 was generated with diesel which it affirms is the most expensive fuel.

It said 60% of the energy bought by the distributors was from dams, coal and natural gas, at a price lower than 13 cents per kilowatt/hour, “which is a very good average price of generation,” said ADIE Executive Vice President Milton Morrison.

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