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Political scientists say that the PRD Is on its last legs

SD. For political scientists Rosario Espinal and Daniel Pou, the voting process of the XXX Ordinary Convention of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), carried out last Sunday was a “failure” where there were only losers.

The coincided in that this party is now on the road to decadence and deterioration where their reflection is the same as the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC).

“Miguel Vargas lost because although he won according to the results issued, he did not manage to put together a convention with everything in order where there would have been competition on equal footing, but also Guido Gomez lost because he could not show that he had a majority in the PRD; the PRD loses because the image is one a renewed chaos and of its inability to produce a well organized convention; the Party System loses because one of the parties that has been essential in the Dominican political system comes out weaker, and finally, democracy loses because it is losing the vitality of an important political party,” said Rosario Espinal.

Both political scientists were interviewed by Diario Libre, and they said that the PRD president, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, comes out of this process with his legitimacy questioned.

“There are many complaints. For example, the delegates belonging to Guido Gomez Mazara were not present at many voting stations and they had organizers to insure that all of the participants would have an equal participation,” said the expert Rosario Espinal.

Likewise, Daniel Pou criticized the acts of violence that occurred during the voting process. He said that in this process there was a series of situation that they should not continue to allow to happen.

“This brings into question everything that is the scheme of political parties in the Dominican Republic, which at the same time has pending the approval of a law of Political Parties and which should serve to regulate this type of situation,” Pou underlined.

Both experts deplored the fact that this convention, where there were shootings, injured, and where equipment and materials were taken from journalists, was said, by Vargas Maldonado, to be democratic. “I believe that the spectacle out of Dante that we saw is a regrettable incident, a feast of democracy, it is not,” stressed Pou.

For her part, Rosario Espinal emphasized that with these statements Vargas Maldonado is sending a message to the people “that he does not know what he was saying.”

They see the chaos as an institutional breakdown

SD. Deputies that were elected for the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) and who now are militants in the Majority Revolutionary Party (PRM), warned that what happened in the White Party is a serious problem that affects the country and shows a lack of institutionalism.

Deputy Nelson Arroyo said that the incidents registered in the National House of the PRD constitute a lack of respect and a shame. “This is something shameful for democracy” he said. He regretted that many believe that it is just a problem with the PRD, forgetting the fact that it is a problem of the country, which is going down the wrong road.

Deputy Jose Morel said that “the serious problem is that our democracy is in danger.” Nevertheless, for the PRD members Hugo Nuñez and Anibal Rosario, what happened is something normal.

On the other hand, Senator Rafael Calderon regretted the incidents that occurred during the XXX Ordinary Conventions of the PRD, and he said that these incidents should shame not only the political leadership but all of society.

He believes that once more the problem that affects the PRD confirms the fact that he made the right decision when he abandoned that party in 2009. He criticized the fat that every time that there is a convention it appears like a war, and that instead of carrying the acts and the ballots, they carry machine guns, pistols, knives and machetes. “It appears that they still need many thousands of years for human beings to be able to behave like human beings.”

Source: DiarioLibre

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