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Police say group belonged to international network of killers for hire with ties to DR

SANTO DOMINGO. This weekend became one of the bloodiest when the Police killed at least eight persons, four of whom were identified as paid assassins at the service of drug traffickers and organized crime. They were said to belong to an international network.

Between Friday and Sunday, Mario Santana Reynoso, 22, and Erick Daniel Mora Morales, 23,fell to shots fired by the Police when they resisted arrest, along with Fausto Lara and Rafael Santana.

With regards to the gang of hired killers that was dismantled and killed in a gun battle with the Police, Ruben Dario Amador Arias (Nene Paludismo), Rafael Manuel Vicente Amador, Rafael Emilio Perez Peguero (Piti) and Jorge Vizcaino Martinez died of multiple gunshot wounds. The gun battle began when they resisted the police agents that were trying to arrest them at the entrance to Invivienda as they were traveling in a rented, gray, Toyota Camry (A476742).

According to the spokesman for the National Police, Colonel Jacobo Matos Moquete, the head of the gang, Ruben Dario Amador Arias was hired to kill a person in 2002.

He revealed that the Police was following the group and when they were order to stop, they “answered with a hail of bullets and the Police answered in kind.”

As a result of the shots fired, a pickup belonging to the Police was no longer serviceable and another vehicle also received multiple impacts from gunfire and “thank God, no member of the National Police was wounded,” said Matos Moquete.

“The Police knew who they were going to stop, they had two pistols and a revolver, they responded with hails of bullets,” said the spokesman.

Rafael Emilio Perez Peguero (Piti) is shown with a rap sheet that includes three arrests for robbery that date from 2008, 2010 and 2011, respectively. Ruben Dario Amador Arias (Nene Paludismo) as in jail for eight years and just over a month and a week ago he got out of prison. In 2002, Amador Arias was paid to kill a young man in Bani over a drug problem, and in 2005 he killed a person named Martinez Lara in the midst of a drug deal. According to Mateo Moquete, an international organization at the service of drug traffickers and whose principle occupation is killing for hire, covered all of the legal expenses of Amador Areas, who was killed in the gun battle with the Police at the entrance to Invivienda.

The expense

Colonel Jacobo Matos Moquete revealed that the alleged international organization spent about half a million pesos in order for Amador Arias to stay out of jail for the two assassinations committed in 2002 and 2005. He said that it as the international criminal organization -whose name he did not reveal-that covered all of the process through which the Amador Arias was able to go free. The Police are trying to establish whether there are others implicated in the gang.

Relatives allege that their kinfolks are not killers for hire

Santa Vizcaino, a niece of Jorge Vizcaino Martinez, one of the alleged killers for hire that were shot and killed by the Police, revealed that her relative worked as a motor-taxi driver, and went out on the day of the incident to take a ride around the capital with some friends. She denied that Jorge would be involved in killings for hire like the Police say, and called the crime an abuse and excess by the Police. At the same time Santos Silvio Arias, an uncle of the alleged leader of the gang, Ruben Dario Amador Arias, admitted that his relative got out of prison just a month and a week ago, but he denied the accusations made by the police when they say that his nephew was a killer at the service of drug traffickers.

“My nephew was not a hitman. That is not true; he was a man who was dedicated to his work, and he went out to take a spin in that car with a group of friends,” he said.

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