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Police fire 79 agents for serious faults; among them drugs

SANTO DOMINGO. The Executive Power ordered the dismissal and forced retirement of 79 members of the National Police, among them superior officers, noncommissioned officers and enlisted men, because they were related to the commission of different incidents.

The presidential measure, taken in attention to a recommendation by the Superior Police Council, includes disciplinary sanctions against two colonels.

The National Police spokesman said that Colonel José de la Cruz was retired because he assigned police agents in an irregular manner to private individuals so that they can serve as escorts, while Colonel Fausto Lora was said to have protected scrap metal companies under the promise that the Justice Department and the Police would not bother them when it came time to carry out their “businesses.”

In a like manner indicated the repor,t three lieutenant colonels were put into forced retirement, having been investigated by the corresponding agencies of the Police. Also retired were 10 lieutenants, four majors and two captains.

Also dismissed from the police force were 12 first lieutenants and 21 seconds lieutenants. The Executive Power fired and put into the state of forced retirement five Sergeant Majors, four sergeants, three corporals, 43 privates and one recruit. The majority of the cases, said Mateo Moquete, the Police spokesman, were for acting in concert with drug dealers, family violence and other acts that are against the law.

He cited the case of Dajabon where the complete detachment did not obey the order of a transfer ordered by the chief of Police last year. For this reason first lieutenants Cesar Brito Fortuna, Rafael Jimenez Sanchez, José Franco Peralta, Miguel Santos Espinal and Feliciano Contreras Valenzuela were retired from the force. Also on the list are second lieutenants Salvador Vallejo, Ramon Fernandez Guzmán, Carlos Contreras Valenzuela, Luis Garcia Encarnacion and Teofilo Moreta Contreras. Colonels Eddy Francisco Perez Peralta and Ivan Bello Almonte received a 30 day disciplinary punishment. With regard to majors Victor Antonio Ruiz, Conrado Santana Perez and Lieutenant Reinaldo Montero Silvestre, these were placed in forced retirement because they had tight relationships with the well-known drug traffickers Antonio Cespedes Carrion and Hatuey “El Cojo.”

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