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Police change their image with new stations

EAST SANTO DOMINGO. In the interest of changing the deteriorating image which the people have of the Police, this institution has begun a plan of remodeling important police stations in areas that are considered to be very important, with the purpose of providing an improved service to the neighborhood and guarantee them at the same time, a faster response and solution to their security problems.

In this sense, the Los Mina station, formerly called “Felicidad” is already operating and it has been converted into an Inspector’s Station with the name of the deceased Captain Gregorio E. Segura G and has high tech equipment and the personnel who work there are very well trained to resolve and deal with security and safety problems presented by the local residents.

One new ingredient is that the personnel that receive the complaints by telephone and in person are young university students, contrary to other times when this group was made up of older persons whose education was the eighth grade and who hardly knew how to read and write much less record complaints.

“Things have really changed, now the police are arriving much faster when the citizens require it, and there is a staff that is more diligent and who do not ask for money to get things done, before this was a mess,” said Paula Rosario, a woman who has been the victim of robberies and intra-familial violence on several occasions.

In this Inspector’s Office, some 50 to 60 people a day show up to file complaints because they have somehow been victimized by criminals and that in the judgment of lawyer Rafael Ramirez Soriano, this is a demonstration that there is more faith in the Police and crime has fallen off, because according to the lawyer’s explanation, before the situation was intolerable. Another of the remodeled station houses and equipped with high tech apparatus is the one in the Ensanche Ozama, specifically on Sabana Larga Avenue at the corner of Jose Cabrera.

This office honors the memory of Major Cirilo de Mota. Apparently the people have recovered their confidence; the commander here speaks with the people, listens to their problems and in order of the priorities sends his units.

Some feel that the Police should now be provided with more vehicles so that they can act faster to the calls by the citizens.

Two of the young people that receive the public which go there with their problems, Jose Alexander and Ramon, have been working for three months without getting paid, and even so they put in their eight-hour day of serving the public, “and if we want to improve, we should start at home,” said Ramon.

In the Tres Brazos stationhouse, which honors the memory of First Lieutenant Martires Perez Mendez, 90% of the complaints filed are for gender violence and these are sent to the District Attorney’s office in the barrio which is just a few meters away from the station.

The residents of this municipality perceive that the police service has improved, they say that they arrive swift and fast at the first call for help, there is less begging and they expect that with the start of the 911 service, with more equipment and new people, whatever remains of the past will be definitely erased.

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