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PLD Central Committee elections project triumph for Danilo machine

SANTO COMINGO. The political machinery of President Danilo Medina is projecting that they will carry the majority of the new positions for the Central Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) at the national level. This would place this sector as the new dominant force in the PLD party structure.

The rhythm of the results that carry the “Danielists” assures them of between 25 and 30 of the 37 national positions so that they are only waiting for the final results of the 86 members that will be elected at the local level, where preliminary results indicate an even more crushing victory than at the national level.

When they publish the results of the 138 new members of the Central Committee, elected in last Sunday’s elections, the ball will go into the court of the Political Committee, the 27 member party organ, where each member will choose a new member of the Central Committee of the 30 that are the quota reserved for their selection.

It is expected that the three remaining seats will be chosen by President Medina and the PLD president Leonel Fernandez before the end of the VIII Congress Norge Botello next 26 January.

The tendency indicates that Medina will consolidate his internal leadership starting now, since this sector is expected to harvest about 120 of the 168 new members of the Central Committee.

When this process is over, a completed membership of 623 members of the Central Committee will elect 10 new members of the Political Committee, the party organ that decides the daily policies of the PLD and in which the sector which follows Danilo is expected to continue advancing.

The Central Committee has the statutory faculty of electing the presidential candidates, which makes it a highly desired apple in the eyes of the various groups.

For the sociologist Antinoe Fiallo, the internal struggles between sector are part of the country’s party system, and they are linked with the internal development of the party and the use of power from the State.

“It is important that the people reflect on the idea so that they see how all the parties of the traditional political system have progressively deteriorated because whoever is close to the power is the one who has the ability to maneuver for the resources that it has in order to be able to go forward with their political projects,” he said.

He recalled how in 2007 Medina accused his adversaries of defeating him in the PLD’s internal process of choosing their presidential candidate because “the state imposed the results” to favor then President Fernandez.

The Leonel forces

The Leonel followers won the first round of the internal congress in the plenary sessions on 24 November and assured themselves, before last Sunday’s elections, that they dominated the correlation of forces in the Central Committee of the PLD, since of the 397 members, they said that they counted on 233 (59%), while they attributed 164 members to the sector led by President Medina (41%).

The second bulletin with 251 polling stations counted

In bulletin number two, released last night by the Organizing Commission of the Congress, Alberto Holguin headed the group of ten aspiring candidates for the most votes by a national candidate with 17,409 votes.

He was followed by Sonia Agüero, with 15,304; Omar Guevara, 15,068; Sandra Abinader 14,532; Luis Ramón Rodríguez Peña, 13,625; Robert de la Cruz, 11,439; Radhamés Valenzuela, 11,325; and José Laluz, 10,619.

And Aracelis Medina Sanchez and Antonio Vargas had obtained 9,071 and 8,713 votes each.

According to the Organizing Commission of the VIII Congress Norge Botello, the results at the national level presented in the second bulletin represent 7.17% of the polling stations, 251 of a total of 3,499. The bulletin also reported a total of 731,777 votes counted, with 25,442 votes that were invalid and 706,224 valid.

The next bulletin will be issued this afternoon at 6:00 o’clock in the Volleyball Pavilion of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

Source: DiarioLibre

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