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Plan for Normalization starts with low attendance

SANTO DOMINGO. With low attendance and some confusion of the parties interested, yesterday the National Plan for the Normalization of Foreigners began in some of the placer prepared for the registrations in at least 12 governors’ offices as well as offices of the Central Electoral Board.

Reports received from the provinces tell of the low numbers that attended the call, the majority being Haitians.

The agencies

Representatives of six international and national agencies and organizations that work with immigrants said that the startup of the National Plan for the Normalization of Foreigners is a challenge for the country that involves them as well as all Dominicans.

Antoine Paul Emile, a representative of the Jacques Viau Network, speaking at a press conference at the Presidential Palace together with the other agencies, the Minister of the Interior and the Police, Jose Ramon Fadul, and the director of Immigration, Jose Ricardo Taveras, said that there are things that should be improved such as information for the foreigners.

“We feel committed and we wish to reiterate this, but at the same time we are conscious of the great challenge and up until now of some weaknesses in the process, typical of this type of process and we will be near to watch the development of it,” said Paul Emile.

For his part, Cy Winter, from the International Immigration Organization, said that it is extremely important that the normalization process connects and is seen as a benefit for the foreigners who are in an illegal situation under the coordination of the government, civil society and the international agencies.

“I congratulate you for the great beginning, there is a very strong team here and we are at your service,” said Winter.

Some cases

With 13 years of residing here without documents, Haitian Joseph Pierre, 29, was among the first to provide his information yesterday at the Governor’s offices in San Cristobal and come into the National Plan for the Normalization of Foreigners, which is without cost and began this Monday in 12 provinces and will go on for a year.

Pierre arrived illegally in the Dominican Republic and works as a merchant. “They asked me a lot of question, for example, where do I live, do I have children, do I have a wife, am I married, they treated me very well,” he said at the end of the interview.

Just in San Cristobal, they received 50 foreigners, 49 of them Haitian and one Venezuelan, who are pending the taking of the bio-metric data, since there was a technical problem in the system of the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

In general the attendance was low at the twelve governors’ offices in the provinces on the first day of execution of the Normalization Plan which will take an investment of RD$1.0 billion to carry out.

At the office in Santiago only 12 persons came in: six Haitians, two Chinese, two Mexicans, a Colombian and a Honduran. “This plan means progress, because without an up to date permanent document I was sentenced to live in poverty,” said the Haitian pastor Fredery Honore.

The authorities expect the attendance to increase as the word spreads and what the process consists of is publicized, and the doubts are dispelled from those that should apply if their rights will be respected.

Amaury Duran, a supervisor of the Normalization Plan in Santiago, said that several of the foreigners presented their out of date work visas, others were about to expire and some of the foreigners were undocumented.

According to the Plan, the authorities should take a decision on each case within 45 days.


The foreigners that do not have identity documents can go to the centers and begin the registration process, but in order to opt for one of the established statuses, the person has one year to deliver the documentation or the person will automatically be disqualified. It is because of that, that in the case of the Haitians, their country will provide them with the proper documentation. The authorities issued a call to go to the centers without fear because there are no deportations for at least a year.

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