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Penn & Schoen survey: Leonel Fernandez would be best play against PRD candidates

SANTO DOMINGO. The former President, Leonel Fernandez would be the best bet by the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) for winning once again the Presidency of the Republic in the 2016 elections against any candidate of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), according to the survey by the Penn, Schoen & Berland group which was released yesterday.

According to the survey sponsored by the National Information Services group (SIN), Fernandez is the politician with the best possibilities of beating the PRD candidates, followed by Reinaldo Pared Perez. Temistocles Montas was the weakest of the PLD candidates.

Among the PRD hopefuls, Hipolito Mejia and Luis Abinader would be better positioned candidates than Miguel Vargas Maldonado.

The information offered by Penn, Schoen & Berland show that Fernandez would defeat Vargas Maldonado 51% to 26%, with 23% saying that they would not vote.

Reinaldo and Temistocles

The survey company also suggested in the polling the possibilities of candidates such as the PLD’s Reinaldo Pared Perez and Temistocles Montas.

The presidential bid by the PLD’s Reinaldo Pared Perez would win against Vargas Maldonado, with a voter’s preference of 49% against 29% according to the polls taken.

Nevertheless, an election battle between Pared Perez and Hipolito Mejia would result in a virtual tie of 45%-44% respectively. A similar situation is found in the electoral preferences in the case of Pared Perez against Luis Abinader, with 46%-44%. In the meantime the electoral preferences with a PLD presidential candidate represented by Francisco Javier Garcia shows a 49% preference to a 31% for Vargas Maldonado, the current PRD president. Nonetheless, the levels of acceptance of Garcia fall to 43% against a candidate such as Mejia, who obtained a preference level of 46% against the current Minister of Tourism. At the same time, Garcia only got a 38% preference against Abinader who received a 50% support.

In case Temistocles Montas was to be the candidate for the PLD, there would be a virtual tie with Vargas Maldonado, 37%-36%.

The score for Montas against the former President Hipolito Mejia was 35% against 50% for Mejia in this scenario of candidates. And he would obtain 30% of the voters’ preferences against the PRD’s Luis Abinader who would obtain 55%.

Greater support for Mejia among PRD rank and file

In the results of the poll by Penn, Schoen & Berland, 44% of the persons surveyed that said they were members of the PRD, would vote for Miguel Vargas Maldonado against Leonel Fernandez, while 34% would not vote for the PRD president. Nevertheless, if the candidate were to be Hipolito Mejia, 87% of the persons polled who identified themselves with the PRD, would vote in his favor. In the case of Luis Abinader, 79% of the PRD members would give him their vote against Fernandez.

Source: DiarioLibre

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