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Pediatricians warn about increase of dengue

SD. Dengue began its high season with an increase in the number of cases, as well as of deaths, according to the deputy director of the Robert Reid Cabral Children’s’ Hospital. She warned that the July-October period is the most prone for persons to contract the disease.

Virgin Gomez suggested taking care with refuse and not to casually throw away plastic glasses or other plastic recipients that can accumulate water where the vectors can breed.

She said that in the particular case, in the Children’s Hospital they attended between three and five cases each week, but during this period, they have 13 children hospitalized with the sickness.

The most recent official statistics reveal that dengue has taken the lives of 31 persons and there have 3,245 cases diagnosed as probable.

Given this situation, Dr. Gomez warns her pediatric colleagues to take special care in the clinical examinations they carry out on their patients, so as not to confuse dengue with Chikumgunya, due to the similarity of the signs of fever, pains throughout the body, and the skin eruptions.

She reminds all that hydration and control of fever is always important for the two illnesses and that one should take care when the fever goes down, since if it is Chikungunya, the joint pain persists, while with dengue this is the day of the greatest danger because the alarming symptoms appear such as frequent vomiting, more than three an hour, and five in six hours, abdominal pains and dizziness.

With regard to the Chikumgunya virus, the specialist said that the evolution of the virus is at the stage of a certain stabilization with a certain reduction, that the specialist says is normal when an epidemic occurs.

The Chikungunya and the dengue fever are transmitted by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

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