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Pastor of Sosúa resumes control plan requiring public hospital as they feel cheated by authorities

PUERTO PLATA Pastor of Sosúa; Father Bernardo Vásquez, said that although the public hospital has been promised by three presidents and has not yet been built, it appears that the promised hospital does not exist in the recently approved budget for 2015 either.

Father Bernardo urged journalists of Puerto Plata and across the country that there will be a public protest organized  to demand building a hospital.
He recalled that President Leonel Fernández in full campaign for re-election in 2008 with a great aparataje broke ground to initiate the construction of the hospital in Sosúa, but this activity was no more than just a campaign strategy, and there was not even  a foot ditch opened, and after that the new minister of tourism; Francisco Javier García and President Danilo Medina candidate promised more than four times to build the hospital in Sosua in 2015, however it didn’t happen.
The pastor who is known as “The revolutionary father of Sosúa” said it is shameful that in the municipality where citizens from over the world live, and over fifty different nationalities, which receives tens of thousands of tourists, the Dominican Government has not built the public hospital for more than three decades.
For 20 years, the community of Sosúa has been receiving repeated promises from officials and leaders of political parties that have taken turns in power in the sense of managing short term, for the construction of a hospital that corresponds to the needs of the population of this important tourist resort.
The protests announced by the priest will begin on Thursday November 27 at Los Charamicos and run through the residential La Union, near the General Gregorio Luperon International Airport.
The pastor appeals to all civil society and leaders of various political parties to participate in a peaceful demonstration in the early morning hours of Thursday, with banners and posters.
Source: Puerto Plata Digital

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  1. Samson

    Can’t argue with that. Typical campaign lies but President Danilo has another year if info correct.

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