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Overcrowding in jails is as much as 700% over the limit

SANTO DOMINGO. The overpopulation of the jails in the country is place that nearly 700%, with respect to the installed capacity of the different prisons, whose constructions date from the decade of the 30s and 40s of the last century.

The oldest jails, some 26 in total, were built between 1932 and 1986 with the capacity for that of more than 5000 inmates.

Nevertheless new prisons were added until reaching the number of 38, including those of the new model of penitentiary management and administration.

Reports from international organize Asians place the capacity of the Dominican penitentiary system at 9210 inmates in comparison with the overflowing population overgrowth which within the prison numbers 26,305 persons currently deprived of their freedom, which triples they limit.

The national penitentiary at La Victoria, built in 1952 during the dictatorial regime of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo for 1000 inmates, currently has a population of 8555 prisoners, more than seven times above the maximum designed capacity.

Built in 1994 to house 700 inmates, Najayo now has 1798 men and 303 women, whose crowding is three times greater than its original design. Pedernales got its jail in 1932, with an installed capacity for 20 inmates. Nevertheless right now it has 75 persons deprived of their liberty.

A sample of the enormous number of persons occupying tight spaces behind the bars, is reflected at the La Vega prison, constructed in 1951 for 500 inmates. It’s 1538 prisoners represent more than 300% of the overflow of its installed capacity.

The prison in Cotui, which together with that of Pedernales is one of the oldest jails, both constructed in 1932, was built to house 186 prisoners. The 742 inmates lodged in its space represent a 400% overpopulation there.

The jail at Montecristi dates from 1935, built for 75 prisoners but the 420 captives means that it is housing nearly 6 times its design number.

Azua has its old jail which was built in 1942 to beoccupied by 40 inmates, but the 149 which it now has reflects a 400% overpopulation.

Other jails whose capacity is overflowing from 200 to 400% are those of San Juan de la Maguana, Santiago Rodriguez, Nagua, Barahona, El Seibo, Higüey, Bani, Samana, kilometer 15 of Azua, the San Francisco de Macoris Departmental Jail and Special Operations.

Of the 26,305 inmates that are currently in the 38 jails of the country 17,017 belong to the traditional model which corresponds to 19 jails which operate under the new penitentiary system this is equal to 64.7% of the universe of the inmates of the penitentiary system of the country.

In the meantime 18 jails have been converted into correctional and rehabilitation centers and have a population of 9288 inmates, which translates to 35.3% of the prisoners.

The new model penitentiary

The centers of the new model are San Felipe, Puerto Plata, the first one to enter the system in 2004; Dajabon, Najayo – Women, Haras Nacionales, Rafey Women, Rafey Men, Monte Plata, Val Verde, Elias Piña, Vista al Valle, San Pedro the Macoris, La Isleta Moca, Anamuya in Higüey and Bani – women.

Also on this list there are the facilities of Cucama in La Romana, El Pinto and La Vega, Najayo Model and the Female Open facility at Sabana Toro.

Source: DiarioLibre

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