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Once again Sobeida Felix is denied freedom

SAN CRISTOBAL. The inmate Sobeida Felix Morel was once again denied yesterday her second attempt to obtain her parole when the judge for the Execution of the Sentence in San Cristobal, Willys de Jesus Nuñez ordered her to remain in prison under the same conditions in Najayo.

The magistrate said he felt that she has still not made amends to society, an indispensable requisite for the lover of the Puerto Rican capo Jose David Figueroa Agosto can receive this type of freedom.

He suggested that he cannot put aside the danger that for a moment might be represented by the prisoner being able to return too quickly to the bosom of society, so that in this phase he has to watch out not only for the development of the work that make possible that the inmates can go along a good road towards the end of the sentence. This road is the re-education and the re-insertion into society with the sound judgment “that we also have the duty, in the light of the rules cited, to watch out for the protection of the society from whence the convict was taken at a certain moment, in order that this liberty does not constitute in and of itself a social danger.”

The judge understood also that he has to examine the receptivity or not that could be expressed by the social conglomerate with respect to this parole with which they pretend to benefit the petitioner. Sobeida’s lawyer, Panteleon Mieses, requested the acceptance of the petition and for the judge to order her parole.

On the other hand, the representative of the Justice Department, Faustino Pulinario, said he felt that the conditions for a parole are not yet in place for Sobeida, in order for her not to constitute a danger to society. Likewise he said that there a no conditions for the agreement signed with the Justice Department to come into play.

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