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Normalization Plan starts on Monday at a cost of RD$1.0 billion

SANTO DOMINGO. The Minister of the Interior and Police and president of the National Migration Commission, Jose Ramon Fadul, reported yesterday that the National Normalization Plan starts on Monday in the provinces with the largest population of immigrants and will have a cost of RD$1.0 billion.

He explained that places in 12 governors’ offices were prepared while the Central Electoral Board facilitated nine places where they will work from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 in the afternoon. He said that he expects the people to begin to come in and for this they have held meetings with representatives of the churches, social groups and governmental organizations so that they help the process.

Some of the areas where the process will begin are the provinces of Santo Domingo, San Cristobal, Santiago, La Romana, La Altagracia and the National District. It is thought that some 500,000 persons are in the country illegally, but there could be more because there is no census which covers this.


Fadul indicated that the applicants should show roots in the country such as a rental contract, work contract, telephone bill, pay stub, a notarized act from a neighborhood board or any other document that backs the person’s presence in the country.

He revealed that in the country there are people from 118 countries, but with problems there are people from 98 countries that have problems and he called on these foreigners to not be afraid to go to the offices to request normalization of their status because they will not be deported.

“There are Americans, Colombians, Arabs, Cubans, Central Americans, Chinese, Spanish. The largest portion is Haitian and the problem with Haitians is documentation, that they have no information,” he said.

He stated that the persons that do not qualify in the 18 modes of status requests will be deported to their countries, but after 18 months from the start of the plan in order that this does not constitute an excuse for not coming in to normalize or legalize their situation.

He recalled that the decree that created the Normalization Plan contemplated that there would be no deportations while the process of registration is in progress, but he insisted that the ability to take persons who do not adjust to the national immigration laws out of the country is a sovereign right, because illegals will not be allowed.

The cost

Each one of the persons normalized will cost the state between RD$1,400 and RD$1,500 because they will not have to pay for the process.

“Remember that in each place we have appointed between 8 and 14 persons, there will be some places with translators for Creole, we are buying equipment to issue documents, they will also issue the forms, and vehicles to permit us to move people around,” said Fadul.

When he was questioned whether they would invite foreign entities in order to observe the transparency of the process, he said: “Anyone who wants to see can come and see, but we are sovereign, the sovereignty is not negotiated, nor will we permit questioning, here we decide what we Dominicans need to decide.”

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