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Normalization Plan resumes today with offices in Santo Domingo and longer hours

SANTO DOMINGO. The efforts of the National Plan for Normalization enter today their second week with the opening of four offices in the province of Santo Domingo and longer hours, up to 8:00 p.m. in the East and the National District.

The Governor of Santo Domingo province will open the services in the Los Angeles Residences on the San Isidro Highway; on Charles De Gaulle Avenue, near the Ney Arias Lora Trauma Hospital in North Santo Domingo; at the entrance to Manoguayabo in West Santo Domingo and in Los Alcarrizos, on Duarte Street, near the Free Zone. Samir Santo, the director of the National Plan for Normalization said that the projections are that at the end of this month they will have 35 offices open which were planned to receive the foreigners.

In addition, they are preparing three mobile units in order to move them to different part of the territory that are far from the provincial capitals where the governors offices house the locales that receive the requests.

The Normalization Plan will go on until to 31 May 2015. In each case, the law establishes that an answer be given within 45 days.

The program follows the sentence 168-13 from the Constitutional Tribunal which establishes the criteria for obtaining the Dominican nationality.

Documents needed

The lack of documents is one of the principle obstacles that are faced by the foreigners, in the majority Haitians, in order to normalize their status. In this sense, the authorities from Interior and Police ask them to be patient and come back to the offices when they have the complete documentation.

For the plan, the law contemplates four axis, and the petitioner should comply with at least two requisites of each one.

In the axis to verify the amount of time in country, they ask for a letter from an employers, the birth certificate of some child born in the country, a rental contract, and certification of some community organization, among other things.

On the point of ties with the society, they require proof of studies, competence in Spanish, a certificate on no criminal activity, and living with the Dominican community.

On the axis of working conditions and socio-economic conditions, they applicants are asked for proof of properties, bank accounts, two commercial references, vehicle registration papers and other things.

For the fourth axis which refers to the nuclear family, the applicant should present a certified act of birth registration, proof of schooling if the child is a minor and marriage certificate, among other things.


In the Governor’s offices of the province of Santo Domingo, located behind the Coral Mall commercial center, they installed two large tents for the process that begins today, while around the Ney Arias Lora Hospital there was no sign of any preparations for the effort.

The program director of the Normalization Plan, Samir Santos, announced last Friday that in the first five days some 11,000 persons had presented themselves at the offices around the country.

Source: DiarioLibre

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