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New cedula will require an investment of RD$50o million

SD. The president of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Roberto Rosario, said that the renovation of the personal identification card and voter registration (the cédula) card for some seven million citizens will require an investment of RD$500 million.

“Until now what we have provided for is that in the during the period of emission of the seven million cédulas, which are going to be free, we have thought that we would not spend, I would say in those ten years, perhaps between RD$400 and RD$500,” he revealed.

He warned that if the country does not renew the current cédula they will still have to update the cards that are expired, some five million, and that if they did it in the present format it would cost the same or more than the new one. He said the criticisms received because it would supposedly not be an “intelligent card” was due to ignorance, and he promised that to be intelligent and safe it did not require a chip.

He stressed that the design of the new document will permit that it will be an expression of being Dominican, because it will have the national flag and above that a silhouette of the photograph of the Founding Father, Juan Pablo Duarte. It will also have the National Seal on one side of the plastic and will have a “dual image” which on a side will have the symbol of the JCE (a fingerprint) and on the other the Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration located in Santiago de los Caballeros. “The idea is to tie the cédula to our origins, out values, to what we are as a nation because it is the identification document,” he said.

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