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Nearly three quarters of pensions (73%) do not cover 50% of the basic basket

SANTO DOMINGO. By means of the payroll which is handled by the Ministry of Hacienda regarding the pensioners, it is possible to see that the Dominican state pays RD $895.9 million each month to 102,619 persons who were benefited with one or more pensions.

Of this amount, the majority, equal to 82,360 (73%) are pensions of RD $5117.50, resources which only represent 41.17% of the value of the basic basket of the first quintile, actualized as of August 2014 by the Central Bank at RD $12,429.74.

This indicates that the majority of the pensioners of the country receive salaries that do not cover even 50% of the basic food basket, in spite of the fact that at the age of pensions is when they most need resources, because in addition to the products which people generally consume before receiving their pension, they also have to buy medicines in order to fight the infirmities which generally come with old age.

Information offered by the Ministry of Hacienda to Diario Libre indicate that in their Pension Payroll Division there are 47 pensions which have a value of less than RD $5117.54 which the government pays out each month RD $142,102.17. And for the 82,360 pensions of RD $5117.50 the state pays out each month RD $421,477,300.00.

Likewise they show that the payroll under their control has 11,107 pensions which go from RD $5117 and RD $10,000 and accounts for 9.8% of the total amount of pensions registered in the Ministry of Hacienda, and with salaries between RD $10,000 up to RD $20,000 there are 11,765 for a total of 10.4%.

In the face of this panorama, the National Confederation of Syndicate Unity (CNUS), reported that it is now fair and necessary that the Dominican pensioners receive an increase that allows them at least to be able to buy their medicines.

“There is a demand by the Association of Pensioners which is joined by the demand from the unions, that the minimum pension in the country should be RD $10,000 and not RD $5117.50,” indicated the President of the CNUS, Rafael – Pepe – Abreu. The union leader said that the request by the pensioners also suggest an increase of 30% of the salaries in order for persons who have pensions of RD $10,000 and beyond will be able to face the increase in the cost of living. Abreu said that the unions included the demand of the pensioners in the proposal for a general increase in salaries that they took to the Presidential Palace. He recalled that there are public employees that have gone seven years without a salary increase.


Although it is stressed that the great majority of the pensions in the State are in the amount of just RD $5117, the report offered by the Ministry of Hacienda makes it clear that there also a few pensioners who are privileged with salaries of more than RD $70,000 which according to the statistics obtained represent just the 0.08% of all pensioners.

In addition it has to be made clear that in the report delivered by the Ministry of Hacienda to the Diario Libre the famous high pensions which some former officials of the state receive are not shown, some of which go beyond RD $400,000.

Source: DiarioLibre

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