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Nearly 50% of DR population use information technology

SANTO DOMINGO. The use of computers in the Dominican population 12 years old and older grew from 28% in w05 to 49% in 2013, while the use of the Internet grew from 16% to 46%, which show the advance of information technology in the country.

This was shown by a comparative report carried out by the National Statistics Office (ONE), using as a basis the Enhogar surveys for those periods.

The document notes that by age groups, the young people between 15 and 19 are the greatest users (83%) and by level of studies reached those that have a university degree or postgraduate degree reached 88%. “In the homes, the increase has also been noteworthy: in 2005, just 9% had computers, and in 2013 the number was 25%,” they stressed.

The connection to social networks I the greatest use given to the Internet by the cybernauts. Some 84% of the persons 12 years or older us the internet for this purpose; 69% use chats or send messages; 59% do homework or learn something, 51% download movies, pictures and music, 49% watch television, videos or listen to music and 44% look for health information.

According to ONE, regarding the use of the Internet for sex, the country is above the world average. They say that 47% of Dominican women use the Internet, a difference with the average on the planet which is 37%. Likewise, 45% of the men 12 or older use this tool, in comparison to the world average of 41%.

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